Let us not forget them…

vivianToday is International Transgender Day of Remembrance. I always am reminded by this tragic day by reading webcomics. For example: Misfile. I do not personally know anyone who has been both transgendered and has died, even of natural causes, but none the less I shall fly the Transgendered Pride flag in honor of everyone related. We shall remember the brave souls who dared to be themselves.



Pinkie Logic

Here’s a cute MLP video based on a comic, apparently.

It was too cute not to share!


Like a half forgotten mermaid

arielstatue1-1I almost forgot to make a post for Mer-Monday, which is crazy considering that today was the 25th anniversary of The Little Mermaid! Happy Birthday Ariel!


Why would Bill Cosby ask twitter to meme him?

cosbymemeThe dude is currently accused of 14 counts of rape! Come on Bill! You are supposed to be smarter than this! You were a Doctor, for God’s Sake!


Digimon All-Star Rumble

Digimon_All-Star_Rumble_boxartI had hoped that this, my first Digimon game, would at least be fun. It’s… okay. My hopes for this game were low, but I really hoped that maybe it would be fun. The story mode is… why did they bother? It’s a weird ‘platformer’ that does very little to make you want to play it, outside of unlocking all of the other digimon, which there aren’t many of.  As far as playing the game the way it was meant to be, i.e. versus mode, it’s just okay. No online, but 4 friends duking it out might enjoy it for a week or two until Super Smash Bros. Wii U or Pokemon Omega Rbuy/Saphire comes out.

I was the only person to pre-order this game at my local GameStop. I feel like this is an important thing to point out to people.

Maybe next Spring, when the new Digimon series based on a continuation of the adventures from the first two seasons starts, we will get other new things in North America, such as games? Here’s hoping!

[UPDATE] Gamestop only gives $15 for the game, Best Buy gives you $17, and Amazon offers $23.36. I think I might just keep it for now, and pop it in for friends to see.


Dark Water

Here’s an awesome image that greeted me in my message section on Deviant art. This piece from deakazu is awesome!

Happy Mer-Monday everyone!


Smash Bros. photo shoot at Oni-con

Smash Bros. V One Piece

Super Smash Bros. vs One Piece?

I’m sorry if it feels like I can’t stop talking about Oni-con, but it is still fresh in my mind, and some awesome things happened, such as me being in a Super Smash Bros. photo shoot. The picture on the left was provided by facebook user/attendee Keith Platz. Psst, I’m pretty sure he was Luffy.

Fellow Mario cosplayer Xavier Gutierrez recently showed his pictures from the convention here: https://www.facebook.com/NinjaJesus69/media_set?set=a.973499382664041.1073741831.100000119665423&type=1

mariolittlemacOne of my favorite pictures from Xavier’s set is the one of me and Little Mac. I believe I was denying him performance enhancement drugs, which Little Mac clearly needs to use against The Champ, Balrog Mike Tyson.
smashIt’s a shame that the picture of us all on the ‘cliff’ was before Zero Suit Samus uh… zeroed in? That being said, I think I look like the sh*t in the above picture! Seeing as how I am too humble to allow the last picture to be of me looking that awesome, here is one more picture of The Villager post massacring all of The House That Mario built.


I will make sure to post more links to pics once they become available!


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