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Yeah Bitch!

In a follow up to an earlier post about a Florida Mom getting over 9,000 petition signatures to get Breaking Bad toys off of Toy’s R Us store shelves, Aaron Paul, Jessie Pinkman from the popular television drama, fought back. Arguing that selling Barbie dolls might be more damaging to children, as well as the fact that Toys R Us still sells tons of violent video games, he further explains that ‘Florida Mom’ has messed it up for everyone.There are now 10,000 16,711 signatures on a counter petition for bringing back Breaking Bad toys to Toys R Us, as well as to keep other adult collectibles on their shelves! I urge my fellow dorks to sign this petition!


How to bring Spider-Man back to life!

041Spoiler Alert: Spider-Man dies at the end of The Amazing Spider-Man #8… or at least, Spider-Girl’s version of Peter Parker… and possibly MJ… hell, maybe even May’s mother MJ. As bad as seeing this happen, it makes me wonder how things will progress. Can Peter come back? Should he? I do not doubt Spider-Girl’s creative team’s ability to get themselves out of this tight spot if Spider-girl ever get’s her own comic again. That being said, seeing as how this is a comic, and even Bucky and Jason Todd have been resurrected, let’s speculate some ways Peter Parker can come back to life!. Here are 10 likely ways that I think May might get her parents back.

1 – The Other: Since this story line dealt with the Spider totem, it is first on the list. Basically, Spider-Man was sick, and was living each day like he was dying, doing awesome things like taking MJ to a date on the moon, and stuff. He eventually had to fight this Morlun character, who is also one of the antagonists in Spider-verse, and ends up dying in the hospital after being badly beaten. Peter ends up, basically, shedding his skin, crawling under a bridge, cacooning himself up, and ultimately chose to come back to life with new powers even. This was all retconned out later, so he ended up loosing said powers. Oh, and Kaine ended up going through this process instead.

Chances of this happening: 25%? He looked really bad, the word ‘consumed’ was thrown around… I honestly doubt that this is the angle to go.the other

2 – A deal with the devil: Spider-Man made a bargain with Mephesto, and in exchange for his marriage to Marry Jane, Peter got his Aunt May back, as well as a bunch of other whacky stuff, including the loss of the powers he got from The Other storyline, as well as Harry Osborn coming back to life.

Chances of this happening: A solid Maybe.


3 – A Favor: 616 Spider-Man is owed a favor by Loki, the god of mischief. Could he use this to help Mayday? Probably not? Is a similar wish owed to MC2’s Spider-Man? Could a MC2 cahracter make a wish/deal in order to resurrect Peter, and possibly his wife Mary Jane?

Chances of this happening: A similar Maybe.


4 – Spider-Phoenix?: Spider-Man was once made to believe that he had recieved the powers of the Phoenix… you know, the one from The X-Men? Well… WHAT if?!

Chances of this happening: 0%


5 – Carnage: In Ultimate Spider-Man, Gwen Stacey is murdered by Carnage, only to be shown later alive. Turns out, she is technically a clown of the original Gwen Stacey, while also being, at the time, Carnage. Carnage was later reabsorbed back into Venom, and Gwen Stacey was later shown to be a molecular copy of Gwen with zero traces of Carnage residing in her… esentially she was Gwen, brought back to life.

Chances of this happening: 0%


6 -Clones: Just kidding.

Chances of this happening 60% Only because it’s Tom DeFalco, one of the co-creators of The Clone Saga. Please, don’t do it!


7 -Cosmic Cube / The Infinity Gauntlet: The cosmic cube can grant any wish into reality, regardless of the consequences. The Soul gem of the Infinity Gauntlet could, hypothetically, bring people back to life. OR The Time Gem could send May back in time to stop her father’s murderer.

Chances of this happening: Possible. May is a reserve Avenger, and palls around with The Fantastic Five. It is not out of the realm of plausibility that May could somehow gain access to either object.

8 Spider-Verse running it’s course? – Sometimes, with these HUGE events, something is obtained that makes a cosmic Edit>Undo happen. For example, in the video game: Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions, Peter Parker’s life is re-written to where he works for Alchemax. By the end of the game, the status quo is back, and Peter is working for The Daily Bugle again. Well?! I suppose the antagonist was written out of existence? I would love to think that the final answer to big bads in Spider-Verse is a simple physical throw down between every Spider-Man in history.

Chances of this happening: Quite Possible?


9 Time Travel: Spider-Girl had a clone, or was a clone, whatever. Anyways, there was a symbiot-human hybrid made of Spider-girl by Norman Osborn right after May was born. Some stuff happened, evil, Spider-Girl died, and whatever. Mayhem, the symbiot-human hybrid, ended up going back in time and made sure that Spider-Girl lived, and her younger self died. Well What if?! … It probably would have to be someone else time traveling, as Mayhem is dead, and goodness knows that people don’t bounce back from that… even symbiot people… right?

Chances of this happening: Err… anything could happen?


10 Spider-Mom and Dad: Benjamin Parker and his older sister May need parents. MC2 Peter is not resurrected, so an alternate reality Peter Parker and/or Mary Jane w/ powers or even a Gwen Stacey takes the two in. Maybe 616 Peter and Silk?? They live there for a few years, until MC2 Kaine comes to whatever dimension they are in, and fights for custody of his niece and nephew. Darkdevil would be his attorney. Thanks to a large donation by The Black Tarantula, out of guilt of not dying to these Spider-people murderers, gives Mayday a party mansion. She then allows Doc Magus a better place to crash than the back of a comic book store, and one thing leads to another and BAM! Peter Parker and/or Mary Jane’s spirits now reside inside of two Life Model Decoys. Problem solved! Oh, and these LMD’s are combiners that turn into a Spider robot that can shoot lasers. That last part is sort of important. Oh! and May’s boyfriend Wes is editor-in-chief of Marvel. Can’t forget that part.

Chances of this happening: Pretty sure this is the way it’s going down. Yep.



Toys R Us pulls Breaking Bad toys off of shelf

breaking-bad-toysFlorida mom complained about Toy’s R Us selling Breaking Bad toys, got over 8,000 people to sign her petition on change.org, and Toys R Us caved. This is why we, adults, can’t have nice things. Apparently, Walt and Jessie are a “dangerous deviation from their family friendly values.”

Meanwhile, Toys R Us is still selling toys, DVD’s, and games from The Walking Dead, Terminator, Robocop, almost every horror movie, Grand Theft Auto, Killzone, Max Payne, etc.

This is complete BS. For more info, here is the Yahoo article: http://news.yahoo.com/toys-r-us-pulls-breaking-bad-dolls-114212410.html


Derp West?

derpwestSomeone on the internet is messing with me, right? So, I come home from work, and do you know what I find, as soon as I hop onto Facebook? Apparently, there is going to be a new My Little Pony movie… and not an Equestria Girls movie either. Apparently, it is going to happen in 2017, which is crazy right? It’s a vector based animation, and they’ve shown the ability to spew out the Equestria Girls movies rather quickly, so what gives? Oh. Apparently it has to wait for the Jem and The Holograms movie to come out in 2015, as it’s one of the first movies to be made in-house through Allspark Pictures. Carry on then. For more info, here’s the Variety article about it: http://variety.com/2014/film/news/my-little-pony-movie-in-the-works-at-hasbro-studios-exclusive-1201334144/

riggleNow, the reason I think the internet is messing with me, is because they are making another Dead Rising Movie as well called Dead Rising: Watchtower. So, it has Frank West in it, isn’t a re-telling of the first game, and the actor comedian playing Frank is Rob Riggle? The dude from The Daily Show Well… at least he’s covered wars, ya know? The show will exclusively be shown on Crackle, as well as eventually other places like DVD, VOD, bittorrent. I should note, that there was a Keiji Inafune directed movie, Zombrex: Dead Rising Sun.

For the press release from Legendary: http://www.legendary.com/news/dead-rising-cast-announcement

SERIOUSLY? Possibly a good My Little Pony movie in Theater, and a bad Dead Rising movie on an online streaming site? I feel like that should be the other way around….


Are Mermaids Real?!?

God, I hope not. That one looked quite creepy. The Cosmos News posted this last year, but I think it’s bs. Why? Because everyone knows that mermaids are super hot redheaded women, and not bald, creepy dude-like things. Anyways, happy Mer-Monday!


I don’t understand #gamergate

So, what started out as a call to arms over outraged readers over websites/reviewers lack of transparency about how goods have been traded for positive reviews, is now about threatening schools over allowing Anita Sarkeesian to speak there about how women are portrayed in games? I know that this started from a Kotaku writter dating the creator of the indie game Depression Quest, Zoe Quinn. People then wanted his head, Kotaku was okay with what he did more or less, and yeah… for more information on Zoe, here’s an opinionated video about her as well as the over all situation from youtuber boogie2988

And for further information on what gamergate is, here is a pro-gamergate youtube video from LeoPirate

Bobs-Burgers-DarrylThere were basically a bunch of websites, as LeoPirate pointed out, that had posts about pondering if the gamer identity is dead. My opinion on that? SO? I feel sort of like Alice when she met Humpty Dumpty in Through the Looking-Glass

“Must a name mean something?” Alice asked doubtfully.

“Of course it must,” Humpty Dumpty said with a short laugh: “my name means the shape I am—and a good handsome shape it is, too. With a name like yours, you might be any shape, almost.” 

Maybe Darryl in Bob’s Burgers has the right idea. He is a self entitled ‘video game enthusiast.’ Maybe I want this child, or Aziz Ansari, to tell me how we are supposed to behave, as some sort of personal Yoda.

You know how Muslims get blamed for 911, and get a lot of guff over what Al-Qaeda and ISIS do? Well, I’m willing to admit that there is a strong possibility that some of the bigotry and misogyny attached to #gamergate is related to people who have strayed away from the original intention of the movement, journalists being transparent.

pokemonbreederAll of that being said, Islam is a long rooted belief for people, and Pac-Man only came out 30-some-odd-years ago! Some would use the Romeo and Juliet quote “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet” as an argument that it doesn’t matter if gamers change what they call themselves or not.

“I play video games. I take all articles about video games at face value, especially when Halo, Call of Duty, or whomever is also paying Kotaku or IGN’s bills with advertisements. I also hate sexism, and want characters, in general, to be as diverse and entertaining as possible. If I have a different opinion than anyone else, 9 times out of 10, I don’t even say anything, as I have better things to do or care about. While I used to be a gamer, RPing online about Pokemon, drawing fan art, cosplaying, and falling asleep in chairs from binge play, I can’t take claim to this title anymore. While I still do not 100% understand how and/or why things got to this point, as it started way before Zoe Quinn, the people behind #gamergate and the news site have made me realize that I don’t care enough to be a gamer anymore.”

-Sean Foley
Video Game Enthusiast

For another article about #gamergate, here is a decent one from a month ago: http://stirfriedpixels.com/2014/09/19/why-gamergate-has-nothing-to-do-with-games-or-the-gaming-industry/


Scarlett Johansson is The Major?

Scarlett-Johansson--Lucy-Wide-121135With Margot Robbie being linked to the Suicide Squad movie these days, it looks like Scarlet “Black Widow” Johansson is now in talks with Dreamworks over the role of Ghost in The Shell’s Major Motoko Kusanagi.

Johansson made a great Black Widow in The Marvel Cinematic Universe. and apparently despite me not liking Lucy, it was okay because of her. I’m okay with this… but can we get either a fresh face? We need a pantheon of bad ass, butt kicking women! I would LOOooooVE for them to cast an actual Asian woman in this role!

Ghost_in_the_ShellChinese actress Li Bingbing was awesome as Ada Wong in Resident Evil Retribution, but if she is too mature, someone else who… you know what? No one is jumping to my mind, that’s how messed up Hollywood is right now concerning Asian actors!

I really hope they don’t screw Ghost in The Shell up. While in the city of a future Tokyo they could certainly have a lot of Caucasian people, if they white wash GiTS, I honestly do not want to watch it. I can totally imagine them making the setting a west or east coast city like San Francisco, L.A., or New York. I REALLY do not want that either, let alone both of these things!

For the source article, please go here: http://deadline.com/2014/10/will-smith-tom-hardy-eyeing-suicide-squad-at-warner-bros-853364/


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