Derp West?

derpwestSomeone on the internet is messing with me, right? So, I come home from work, and do you know what I find, as soon as I hop onto Facebook? Apparently, there is going to be a new My Little Pony movie… and not an Equestria Girls movie either. Apparently, it is going to happen in 2017, which is crazy right? It’s a vector based animation, and they’ve shown the ability to spew out the Equestria Girls movies rather quickly, so what gives? Oh. Apparently it has to wait for the Jem and The Holograms movie to come out in 2015, as it’s one of the first movies to be made in-house through Allspark Pictures. Carry on then. For more info, here’s the Variety article about it: http://variety.com/2014/film/news/my-little-pony-movie-in-the-works-at-hasbro-studios-exclusive-1201334144/

riggleNow, the reason I think the internet is messing with me, is because they are making another Dead Rising Movie as well called Dead Rising: Watchtower. So, it has Frank West in it, isn’t a re-telling of the first game, and the actor comedian playing Frank is Rob Riggle? The dude from The Daily Show Well… at least he’s covered wars, ya know? The show will exclusively be shown on Crackle, as well as eventually other places like DVD, VOD, bittorrent. I should note, that there was a Keiji Inafune directed movie, Zombrex: Dead Rising Sun.

For the press release from Legendary: http://www.legendary.com/news/dead-rising-cast-announcement

SERIOUSLY? Possibly a good My Little Pony movie in Theater, and a bad Dead Rising movie on an online streaming site? I feel like that should be the other way around….


Are Mermaids Real?!?

God, I hope not. That one looked quite creepy. The Cosmos News posted this last year, but I think it’s bs. Why? Because everyone knows that mermaids are super hot redheaded women, and not bald, creepy dude-like things. Anyways, happy Mer-Monday!


I don’t understand #gamergate

So, what started out as a call to arms over outraged readers over websites/reviewers lack of transparency about how goods have been traded for positive reviews, is now about threatening schools over allowing Anita Sarkeesian to speak there about how women are portrayed in games? I know that this started from a Kotaku writter dating the creator of the indie game Depression Quest, Zoe Quinn. People then wanted his head, Kotaku was okay with what he did more or less, and yeah… for more information on Zoe, here’s an opinionated video about her as well as the over all situation from youtuber boogie2988

And for further information on what gamergate is, here is a pro-gamergate youtube video from LeoPirate

Bobs-Burgers-DarrylThere were basically a bunch of websites, as LeoPirate pointed out, that had posts about pondering if the gamer identity is dead. My opinion on that? SO? I feel sort of like Alice when she met Humpty Dumpty in Through the Looking-Glass

“Must a name mean something?” Alice asked doubtfully.

“Of course it must,” Humpty Dumpty said with a short laugh: “my name means the shape I am—and a good handsome shape it is, too. With a name like yours, you might be any shape, almost.” 

Maybe Darryl in Bob’s Burgers has the right idea. He is a self entitled ‘video game enthusiast.’ Maybe I want this child, or Aziz Ansari, to tell me how we are supposed to behave, as some sort of personal Yoda.

You know how Muslims get blamed for 911, and get a lot of guff over what Al-Qaeda and ISIS do? Well, I’m willing to admit that there is a strong possibility that some of the bigotry and misogyny attached to #gamergate is related to people who have strayed away from the original intention of the movement, journalists being transparent.

pokemonbreederAll of that being said, Islam is a long rooted belief for people, and Pac-Man only came out 30-some-odd-years ago! Some would use the Romeo and Juliet quote “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet” as an argument that it doesn’t matter if gamers change what they call themselves or not.

“I play video games. I take all articles about video games at face value, especially when Halo, Call of Duty, or whomever is also paying Kotaku or IGN’s bills with advertisements. I also hate sexism, and want characters, in general, to be as diverse and entertaining as possible. If I have a different opinion than anyone else, 9 times out of 10, I don’t even say anything, as I have better things to do or care about. While I used to be a gamer, RPing online about Pokemon, drawing fan art, cosplaying, and falling asleep in chairs from binge play, I can’t take claim to this title anymore. While I still do not 100% understand how and/or why things got to this point, as it started way before Zoe Quinn, the people behind #gamergate and the news site have made me realize that I don’t care enough to be a gamer anymore.”

-Sean Foley
Video Game Enthusiast

For another article about #gamergate, here is a decent one from a month ago: http://stirfriedpixels.com/2014/09/19/why-gamergate-has-nothing-to-do-with-games-or-the-gaming-industry/


Scarlett Johansson is The Major?

Scarlett-Johansson--Lucy-Wide-121135With Margot Robbie being linked to the Suicide Squad movie these days, it looks like Scarlet “Black Widow” Johansson is now in talks with Dreamworks over the role of Ghost in The Shell’s Major Motoko Kusanagi.

Johansson made a great Black Widow in The Marvel Cinematic Universe. and apparently despite me not liking Lucy, it was okay because of her. I’m okay with this… but can we get either a fresh face? We need a pantheon of bad ass, butt kicking women! I would LOOooooVE for them to cast an actual Asian woman in this role!

Ghost_in_the_ShellChinese actress Li Bingbing was awesome as Ada Wong in Resident Evil Retribution, but if she is too mature, someone else who… you know what? No one is jumping to my mind, that’s how messed up Hollywood is right now concerning Asian actors!

I really hope they don’t screw Ghost in The Shell up. While in the city of a future Tokyo they could certainly have a lot of Caucasian people, if they white wash GiTS, I honestly do not want to watch it. I can totally imagine them making the setting a west or east coast city like San Francisco, L.A., or New York. I REALLY do not want that either, let alone both of these things!

For the source article, please go here: http://deadline.com/2014/10/will-smith-tom-hardy-eyeing-suicide-squad-at-warner-bros-853364/


Sexy Pizza?

Why is this a thing?

sexypizzaI understand Sexy Taco costume, but shouldn’t Sexy Carrots and Sexy fries be a costume for men to wear?

Just saying…


Yaya Han, on Sexual Harassment, molestation

Not so happy Mer-Monday?

Not so happy Mer-Monday?

Below is a post that well known cosplayer Yaya Han posted on her facebook. Photos have been added for… relevance?

I’ve been debating for the past couple of hours whether or not to talk about this, but I think it’s important enough of an issue, albeit a controversial one, to share.

From every single photo post I make, I know there is a huge percentage of folks out there who believe that female cosplayers often bring unwanted attention onto themselves by the costume and appearance choices they make. As in – if you don’t want to be disrespected, don’t dress that way. Stop showing boobs, put that shit away etc.!

I have never agreed with that mindset, but given some of the cleavage-bearing costumes I wear, my opinion usually gets discredited and I’m labeled as a hypocrite.

But, what people forget is that women get disrespected and objectified on a daily bases, across the globe, no matter what they’re wearing, online, and in person. Costume or no costume.

I was consecutively touched by strangers in NYC yesterday and tonight. Not within the convention center. Not while sporting cleavage. Not on my shoulders. Not as a hug… but a firm grab of a handful of my body while walking by, accompanied with something like “Damn, sexy”.

Yesterday it happened less than a block from the Javits Center, when I was walking back to change out of costume, amidst a strung of people. I was wearing my superhero costume, but had thrown the cape over my front – read: no cleavage or skin showing, just the black bodysuit & purple cape over it.
I was so surprised that I just said “Excuse me.” and kept walking. I immediately felt like an idiot – why the fuck am I excusing myself for a stranger groping me?!

Yaya-Han-3Tonight, on a very crowded intersection, 40th and 8th Ave, on my way back from Aladdin, I was again firmly grasped by a man walking past me, accompanied by an exclamation of intimate nature.
This time, I was wearing a poncho (!), that covered me from neck to knee. Again, no cleavage, not even any shape showing. Tonight’s groper actually missed my bikini area because of the poncho.
Unlike yesterday, I was immediately on the defensive and yelled loudly “HEY!!”, followed by an even louder “Fuck you!!”. Granted, that propelled the entire group of 6 men to yell obscenities at me while I was walking away, such as “I fucking love your filthy mouth, baby!”.

Both times, someone was with me, but it happened so fast that they did not notice. After tonight’s encounter, I was told that I should have considered just staying silent, as in this city aggression could lead to violence and make the situation worse.

I am not disagreeing. I felt scared in the moment, and as I was walking away, I dared not to look back or even breathe. I also admit that “Hey fuck you” is not the most eloquent answer to bring grabbed, and now I could think of a million smarter things to have said. But, as I have thought about it non-stop since… I do not regret speaking up. Because physical contact is the point where I draw the line.

I can’t speak for all women, but I know that as the short little girl I am, I used to freeze up when I was scared or uncomfortable. I avoided confrontations and ignored all cat-calls and creepy encounters. I personally see it as a sign of self-improvement and growth to have trained my instincts over the years to react more aggressively to a violation of my personal space. Because no matter what my screamed objection would have yielded, at least I did not freeze up.
If you have no experienced harassment, you will not understand the lingering negative feelings a short moment can leave. There is not much worse than regretting that you should have done something in hindsight.

So, as reckless as I was tonight, riling up a group of men by cursing at them… I was a woman, and I spoke up.

I share this story, knowing that I will receive all kinds of comments, from reprimanding my recklessness to accusal of playing victim or fishing for compliments. I was dissuaded multiple times to write this on my public page.

But, I meet too many cosplayers who tell me their harassment stories and ask for my advice on how to deal with them. I have heard of too many incidences where a cosplayer regretted wearing a certain costume because of the reactions they got. There are too many girls who have told me that they are scared of dressing up as their favorite character because it bares some skin.
I’m sharing this story because I was groped while wearing a poncho, on the street, away from the con. I was not cosplaying. I did not ask for it. I had my Resting Bitch face on. But it still happened.
Harassment and groping happens everywhere. Anywhere. Anytime. It can happen to everyone. It has no correlation to what you are wearing or even how you are behaving. So stop blaming the victims and start making noise about changing the cultural conception that a little cat-calling or touching is flattering and a compliment. It is not ok. I sincerely give major props to women who live and work in large metropolitan areas and have to deal with cat-calling and grabbing on a daily basis. Such as the creator of http://www.cardsagainstharassment.com, who bravely confronts her cat-callers and explains why that is not cool.

yaya han catwoman 4My advice to cosplayers wanting to dress up at a busy convention is:
Don’t let anyone discourage you from doing what you love. Use common sense. Safety in numbers. Modesty-fly the costume if it’s too revealing, wear 3 pairs of hose. Choose the time and place for the costume carefully. Have a cover-up for walking if need be. And most importantly: Speak. Up.
If something happens, say something! Tell security, tell your friends, tell anyone around you. Conventions are by far safer than many streets in a city, and many cons have policies in place with Cosplayers in mind. Don’t judge others for what they are wearing, and don’t write someone off because of their appearance. In the end, we’re all human beings put on this earth to hopefully do something awesome and leave an impact. So don’t left anyone disrespect you, and don’t disrespect someone else. Especially not over cosplay. We are all in this together. Let’s support each other and look out for each other.

I love you guys as my Nerd Family and I feel safe with you all. Lots of hugs at New York Comic Con tomorrow???


5 Seconds of Summer – Amnesia

It’s funny trying to find a song you’ve only heard on the radio once. Here are the songs that I got from searching a half remembered lyric:

Yeah, I’m not great with remembering songs, artists, etc, which is funny considering the one that I was having trouble remembering the lyric to was Amnesia. Anyways, hope everyone enjoyed the tunes!


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