Can men be feminists?

StephenSarkeesianStephen Colbert asked Anita Sarkeesian an interesting question, that many might consider a silly throw away one. The dialogue goes:

Colbert: “As a man, am I allowed to be a feminist?”

Sarkeesian: “Do you believe that women should have equal rights to men?”

Colbert: “Sure.”

Sarkeesian: “And that we should fight for those rights?”

Colbert: “Sure.”

Sarkeesian: “Great. Then you’re a feminist.”

So, Stephen Colbert is a feminist, I can be a feminist, it’s fine. I am, however reminded of Youtuber boogie2988 stating that what he believes to be feminism is humanism, where everyone is treated equal regardless of race, sex, etc.

What I, personally, believe to be feminism is the same, but I would use the word egalitarianism, or sometimes written as equalitarianism… which is a more understandable spelling, but sets off the red squigglies in some spellcheckers.

What I have learned while working my career in retail, is that people are terrible, and more importantly… we are terrible to each other. It’s very sad. As a feminist, I want equal pay for women, as a… civil rights activits(?) I want equal protection for Black people and members of the LBGT…A….Q…. umm… I think S got in there some how…. whatever. I’m going to go with the term egalitarian, because that term takes away sex, and race and gets back to the same underlying theme of equality.

Btw: how stoked does Anita Sakeesian look next to Stephen Colbert? That’s the same smile I would have next to this man!


#GamerGate update

#GamerGate is a double edged sword for a lot of people, and a katana for others. Is transparency in games journalism just the cover that #GamerGate focuses on to hide their anti-women agenda? Feminists certainly seem to believe so. Zoe Quinn’s jilted lover’s blog post is what set things off, right? Well, let’s pretend that the mission of #gamergate has remained pure and listen to Stephen Totilo, Editor-in-Chief of Kotaku, talk to The Cynical Brit over the many issues of #GamerGate and video game journalism.


Take notice! This is what a real person behind Colbert’s desk looks like!

At around 49 minutes in, they finally talk about Anita Sarkeesian, and it reminds me about here current whereabouts in the media. She is interviewed in this month’s Game Informer, and tonight she appeared on The Colbert Report with Stephen Colbert. The Game Informer interview paints a good picture of Anita, who I have really grown to enjoy the work of, while her on Colbert… well… Colbert plays a great idiot. Eh. It’s not real journalism, shouldn’t be taken as it, of course, and was a silly flub piece that let’s people know that #GamerGate exists, who might not have heard about it. If you do not have access to the Game Informer interview, or just enjoy hearing Anita’s words in your heads sans humongous hoop earrings, which I’m finally starting to appreciate, read her New York Times interview here: http://www.nytimes.com/2014/10/29/opinion/anita-sarkeesian-on-video-games-great-future.html?_r=0

BTW: Anita Sarkeesian did make a post this year with the hashtag #cancelcolbert that someone else had started, and I think people need to get over that?

At roughly 57 or 58 minutes of the interview with Totillo they talk about Doxxing, how they tried to separate harassment from #GamerGate, but the link between how journalism was basically brought up in away to attack Zoe Quinn.

Zoe Quinn, btw: has spoken out about how publishers need to condemn the actions of #GamerGate as many women have started leaving the industry as women’s safety are threatened. This video interview, btw: can be found here: http://www.bbc.com/news/technology-29821050

dukenukemAfter all of this, I have to ask… what’s the end game for #GamerGate? If Steven Totillo’s interview doesn’t help people believe they are trying to be transparent, I honestly think nothing will. At this point… why not make a rival website that champions transparency? Imagine, articles that go something like this: “Yo, we wanted to review that game Suicidal Prom Queen… but everyone in the office has had relations wit dat woman in the studio, specially Tommy! Up top!” and then the internet slams their palms into their expensive screens, effectively destroying the internet, even for a moment.

Around 1:27:00, Stephen Totilo admits that the one thing he would change about game’s journalism is that it is boring. There are posts where nothing really happens in it. Kotaku tries to focus on news about games post release, because that’s more real. Also, posts about people are real and interesting, such as those that focus on race, gender, orientation, etc. Around 1:34:00, they talk openly about harassment.

I hope we can get to a point where things can go back to boring, while still remaining interesting.


Honey Boo Boo Canceled!

I wish I could be happier about it, but considering that it is because her mother is going back to an ex boyfriend who was a convicted sex offender, who molested the Honey Boo Boo’s older sister when she was eight years old! DANG!


vintage mermaid commercials

Happy Mer-Monday, everyone!


(NSFW) Playboy and Nintendo partner up for Bayonetta photo shoot?!

Bayonetta_Pamela-HortonThis makes me sad. Well, it makes me have a range of emotions, but sadness is certainly one of them. While Playboy is classier than say, Hustler, I just thought that we as a culture had moved on past… all… of… well… this! Now if this partnership was just SEGA and Playboy, I could understand. I’ve always felt that with Sonic’s terribly outdated, “I’m the ‘raddest‘ thing around” mentality, SEGA would jump on this… but Nintendo?

The image up top is the most NSFW picture of the set, but still… this feels worse than Capcom’s Dead Rising 2 partnership, where they inserted covers of Playboy into signs in the game.

Oh well. I can’t wait for Anita Sarkeesian to have a field day about this! THANKS NINTENDO!!


Sunday bumday

Well, Sunday is, in fact, here. So, what is there to do on such a pointless day?

Video Game The Movie – Available to watch on Netflix, this documentary talks in-depth on where we’ve been, where we are, and where we are going. It’s things like these that make me want to forget about #gamergate.

Oni-Con? Still not here yet, BUT you can glance at their schedule that is up, or look at some free photoshoots so you can plan accordingly.

Movies? 22 Jump Street is still in some theaters, St. Vincent looks interesting with Bill effing Murry playing a grumpy neighbor character, but you know what looks the best? The Book of Life, which was produced by Guillermo del Toro.

What really sucks, is that I just now found out about This is where I leave you, and no movie theater is playing this movie that came out last month, or at least none around me. Maybe someone out there can watch it for me?

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas HD – I wont be playing this HD re-make on Xbox 360, but considering that it only costs $3.74 right now… I was certainly tempted.

Go The F*** to Sleep – This time, read by Levar Burton of Reading Rainbow!

ART?!?! - We are all capable of something, even if you have to look at someone else’s work… and while I dislike the idea of tracing, that is where a lot of people start. Below is a very old picture that I made from different Exiles comic pages during their Proteus art

The_end_of_Mimic_by_NetSenshiSome movies, some planning for some of us, some gaming, and some art. If that wasn’t enough suggestions to make you forget that Gamestop closes like,,, at what, 6pm, And Chick-fil-a is closed for what seems like an eternity, than I don’t know what will.


Nerd dating 101

I am sadly not into WoW… hence…. Forever alone!


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