Anime Overload 2012

My trip to Anime Overload, in Austin, Tx, was an interesting one. My GPS died, and somehow I got the address wrong, and ended up walking into Rooster Teeth Expo (RTX). That aside, the convention was a blast! I started my weekend there by hosting a panel with my good friend Evan Normand called Let’s Go To Japan! It was my second time to do it, but I think it turned out all right while still leaving room for some fine tuning.

While wandering around the convention, I ran into many cosplayers. The excitement for Brony Fan Fair must have been in the air tough, as there where My Little Pony Friendship is Magic cosplayers EVERYWHERE.

There were many different type of panels, and a lot of them leaned on the creative side of being an anime fan/over all dork. Some of the panels I attended included: a drawing tutorial hosted by Amelie Belcher, a plushie making panel by Elaine Houser, and even a Cosplay 101 panel held by Steampunk veterans Fracture & Pheremone where they also went in-depth on their views of cosplaying not just anime characters, but pirates and steam punk a like.

Besides your basic informative panels, there were other things to do such as Cosplay Chess (Chess with people being the pieces), the dealer’s room, and yes Musical guests. I stumbled onto the next to last set by music guests Holy Ka-Kow! Great show, from what I saw. When you wanted to escape everything, you could exit to one of the viewing rooms where they viewed things off of Crunchy Roll, who were a sponsor to the convention. They experienced a small hiccup at first, and I briefly took over. If you were watching Digimon in the viewing room, you’re welcome. No seriously. YOU’RE WELCOME.

One of the fun things about going to conventions is meeting fun people as well as coming out of your shell a little. They had a pretty cool swap meet my friend Evan attended, and on Sunday me and him hosted a little panel known as The Pose Off!  The latter is a fun event we have been doing where we make people compete in reenacting favorite poses from anime for our entertainment. GREAT FUN!

In closing, like Louisianime, I might be partial. I REALLY enjoyed this convention this year and last, and look forward to next year. This is definitely a fun, smaller, convention for Texans to enjoy. DEFINITELY worth my trip from Houston.

Below is a sample of some of the AWESOME cosplay I saw at Anime Overload 2012. For more photos, You can click the following links for: FridaySaturdaySunday


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