Capcom: Why I’m buying a new game

ImageThere are two game companies that I have made it quite clear that I will NOT buy from. One of them is Square Enix… until Kingdom Hearts 3 comes out, and the other is Capcom. Why Capcom? Mainly how they treat their fan base, as well as how they treat their games. Almost every game this console generation has come out with a second version. Some of these are more complete, such as Lost Planet on PS3 or Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3. Other ones? Well… there’s the downgraded Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop on the Wii, as well as Dead Rising 2: Directors cut err… Dead Rising 2: Off The Record, which removes 2’s protagonist almost completely with it’s predecessor’s. Or hey, what about all that lovely on disc DLC on their new games, like the non-challenging, incomplete feeling, Street Fighter X Tekken?

So since every game is getting the Street Fighter 2 treatment, why buy these games that are so easily comparable as a demo for a game that’s forthcoming? Well… Resident Evil 6. The fan boy inside of me who loved 4 and 5 is going crazy with excitement. I reserved the Archives edition on Xbox 360 because the incentives are pretty great. Gamestop was offering lots of trade in bonuses. Not only am I getting the game, 3 downloadable Resident Evil games and a movie I’m not that excited about, but I’m getting a discount off of a ticket at Six Flags! Which umm… is really odd, actually.

So is everything ‘all good,’ with me and Capcom? No. I’m just a person who sees a good deal, and prays that Capcom wont get greedy with RE6, like they did with Street Fighter IV.


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