ImageEvery so often, the fans get some fan service by putting characters into versus games. This game’s once mighty roster has been reduced to a curvy succubus, a busty catgirl, and a busty Chinese zombie. Where’s the nun-chucking werewolf? Or the fire throwing vampire? Or hell, even the ice powered yeti?

Capcom has recently announced a Darkstalkers collection for Xbox Live and PSN in 2013. The collection, Darkstalkers Ressurection, includes the arcade versions of Night Warriors: Darkstalkers’ Revenge and Darkstalkers 3. As cool as getting the 2nd  and 3rd entry is, I have to wonder why they didn’t go ahead and port the Japanese PS2 collection they made in 2005, as that version is more complete and includes a What if character that has never before been seen playable to our gaijin eyes.

Capcom has teased Darkstalkers fans over and over again about the possibility of a sequel. When Street fighter x Tekken was being announced at San Diego Comic con, Yoshiro Ono had Darkstalker fans pose for a picture with money in hand! Apparently, if Darkstalkers Resurrection does well, expect Capcom to make a sequel to this beloved fighting game series.


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