The Power of Love

As I’ve previously mentioned, this year there will be a brand new Sailor Moon anime  birthed into this world. Excitement, yes… but one has to wonder what will be lost. Here is one of the greatest songs from the original DiC dub. When I first heard this, I had to re-watch the episode I had recorded on VHS, and record the song Power of Love onto my tape deck. Wow… I feel old now. I then proceeded to jog to it, as it was filled with so much energy!

It was put in place of the original japanese song during the fight with the Death Phantom in Sailor Moon R. It also replaced the music in the climatic battle in the Sailor Moon R movie. Here is the original song, Moon Revenge, from the movie.

These songs may be part of the trade off we are making having a world with Sailor Moon back in it.


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