Top 10 photos from 2012

one of these doesn't belong#10 ) One of these things is not like the other – Louisianime 2012 was amazing. I had some awesome photo shoots, but this random picture I took in their rave is AMAZING… at least to me and my friends. I think the fact that I took his picture a couple of times scared him off… maybe he was a Senator in the Great State of Louisiana… or something.

P1110931#9)  Renfair Jousting – Some people like compair jousting to wrestling. Well? They are right. I want to one day watch real professional jousting, as there are actual tournaments for it.

BTW: The Black Knight won. Go Spain!

treeoflove#8) TREE of LOVE – This is one of the few non-cosplay photos I took last year. I like the juxtaposition I gave the sign and the church in the background. Each time I look at this picture, I feel it should be a movie poster for an old black and white movie. I of course like it’s composition as well.

But yeah… The Tree of Love… there’s a horror movie waiting to happen.

P1110894#7) Kilt Trooper – Long Long Ago, in a Galaxy Far Away, men were allowed to wear skirts. In fact, many of them even went into combat wearing them. This brave storm trooper makes me realize that Jedi are so informal in their bath robes.

If given the opportunity, I’d join this man’s army… every time.

Arrietty Cosplayer#6) Her Secret World – The Secret World of Arrietty had a huge impact on me last February. This photo is awesome for a number of reasons besides the cosplayer in it. Pokemon, Sailor Moon, and Power Rangers all some how got into this photo without me even realizing it! That’s one of the fun things about shooting photos in a convention’s Dealer’s Room.

By The Way: Never Take Photos in The Dealer’s Room


kuwabara#5) Stupid Urameshi! – I caught this cosplayer right before the wig panel he was a part of at Ikki-Con. I loved his Kuwabara cosplay, and well… his wig is spot on! Makes sense for someone who is doing a wig panel, huh?

8327155489_3dc64db47c#4) Princess Ariel – This woman looks much like Disney’s Princess Ariel from The Little Mermaid. Her costume is amazing, and she is really pretty. The only reason she is not closer to #1 is the fact that… well… Ariel is the least princess of all of The Disney Princesses… so acting like her somehow, to some degree, ruins a picture of Ariel!

ariel#3) Ariel on the Town – Ariel wore this while she was enjoying the town with Prince Eric. I feel like it’s cheating featuring two pictures of the same character one after the other, especially from the same anime convention.

I feel like this costume represents ariel’s personality more. Clearly she’s of noble birth, but she’s just a woman out on the town trying to enjoy the company of The Prince!

Hmm… the more I analyze the movie… the more I start to understand a friend of mine who’se a feminist who objects to the messages in this movie.

Doctor who and Amy Pond#2) Asian Doctor Who and Amy Pond – I feel slightly racist for the reasons that this picture is so high on my list. I’ve never been one of those pe0ple who find asians superior in cosplay before, but there’s something about these two.

Doctor Who, being a British made show, is no stranger to people outside of it’s homeland enjoying the show. You could argue that he got The Doctor’s hair wrong, or that Amy’s wig is not quite right… but they look like they are having so much fun together.

Oh, also, I feel like I could lie to people and say I took this photo anywhere and they would believe me. Like hey! I took this photo in England, or Asia, and no one could tell that it was taken in Austin, Tx in December.

7231280086_cba4ae63f9#1) Brave – Before it was wide spread knowledge that this character was known as Princess Merida, people just reffered to her as ‘Brave.’ It seemed natural. This photo conveys a lot of that original interpratation of the character, and It was at the first real photo shoot I had ever done at a convention.

Seeing Merida brought to life like this, and being able to capture such an amazing picture right away was deffinately the highlight of not just Louisianime, but taking photos in 2012.

I hope in 2013 that I take more photos, especially of things other than people in costume. Since conventions seem to be the best place, however, I’m not sure if I can keep that promise.

For more of my photography, please go here:

One thought on “Top 10 photos from 2012

  1. Great post! Lovin’ the pictures, especially the one of the storm trooper in the kilt! I found you because I was looking for Ren Fest posts because we just went. So, I also like your jousting picture! Thanks for sharing, feel free to check out our adventures too at

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