1811b4bdb6ea0e24What people define as art is funny. On my deviant art, I have a decent amount of images all created by me at different points in my life. I went ‘into the vault’ and put up images over 10 years old from high school on there all the way up to stuff I made this month. I have paintings, hand drawings, and things done in photoshop and gimp, all of which can be found at netsenshi.deviantart.com

Medalian_by_NetSenshiI’m not trying to brag, but instead show my anger in my own ability. The sprite art I did up above was done in microsoft paint. That one has the most comments on my deviantart. The image to my left? That’s some fan art from some magical transgendered stories from Fictionmania. It was used in a blog about tg stories, and due to that, I now have a link to my deviantart over at Tgcomics.com. This image has gotten me the msot views.

I should be happy that these pictures get a lot of attention, but I’m not. I’ve done better things in MS Paint, and Photoshop. I’ve tried to embrase both niche fandoms, but even then… these are still the top pictures. It’s annoying. Oh well.

k_pony_is_best_by_netsenshi-d5s4ej8I’m going to try and do more art this year. I’ll post here when I do. Every 5th Friday of the month, btw: Will be fanart Friday… so that’s in March, May, August, and November. I figure that should be pretty easy to manage for me. Until then, please enjoy this picture I drew for my girlfriend.


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