Lollipop Chainsaw – Game Review

ImageI beat Lollipop Chainsaw earlier this week. It’s a umm… game? I give it a C+. If you’re a perverted guy, or a huge fan of say… Panty and Stocking… this is probably the right game for you? I’ve never played a Suda 51 game before, and Lollipop Chainsaw kind of makes me all right with that. Not horrible, buy not quite even a B in my grading system.

I asked a friend who is a huge fan of Suda 51 if No More Heroes played like Chainsaw. His response didn’t thrill me. I only spent $15 out of pocket due to a $5 Best Buy giftcard. I went and got trade in prices for the game. My quotes were: $2 Toy’s R Us, $3 Best Buy, $7 Game Stop, $8 Half Priced Books.

After winning an IGN contest, Jessica Nigri portrayed game protagonist Juliet Starling at promotional events.

I ended up paying $7 to learn not to trust Suda 51. I think that’s a pretty good life lesson. I would like to share Warren Spector’s comment from this year’s DICE convention in Las Vegas: “If we’re going to reach a broader audience, we have to stop thinking about that audience strictly in terms of teenage boys or even teenage girls. We need to think about things that are relevant to normal humans and not just the geeks we used to be.”

I’m sure I would have found this game  really funny and likeable 10 years ago.


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