28 years later

This old cosplay is what I’m most known for. Maybe I should make it again and wear it?

Today, is my birthday. For the first time in 28 years, I will be working on my birthday. I celebrated last weekends with friends and some fighting games. Today I ate Mongolian food and had them cheer for me. Today’s not horrible.

For the last two years, I’ve normally had a huge *Sean Fest to celebrate. Before that I was in San Antonio, so nothing major, but the year before that I had attempted a cosplay picnic called Wabi Sabi Cosplay picnic. I try to make it an event usually, because it’s hard for me to get attendance for my birthday, for some odd reason.

So, what do I want to do, before I head off to my place of actual employment? I’m going to share a few things.


Pics: In 2010, I went to Japan with some great friends. to the right, they are: Sean Foley (me), Greg Royball, Kaylyn Dicksion (Marzgurl), and Andrew Leavitt. Not many know this, but my father gave me $1,000 as an early christmas/birthday present for the ticket for the trip. The trip there remains one of my fondest memories, and in my 28 years of life, I’m very thankful for the opportunity.

Cosplayer Dug Finn, as Poison from Final Fight

Before going on my trip, my father let me borrow his camera. On this trip, I discovered a love of photography. He later let me keep the camera and I still use it along with my camcorder. I’m still not that great, but it’s a lot of fun.

I try and take a lot of photos at conventions, and hopefully with time and practice I can get better. I try to always have interesting shots, because I hate it when blogs recycle another person’s for their splash page. I highly appreciate my fans, and they deserve original content.

My friend Kaylyn shared this with me on my facebook. made my day:


Cat-Chan, snuggling up to her friend Beauty, cosplaying at A-kon 22

So what’s next for my blog? I should have an interview with cosplayer Cat-chan pretty soon, just waiting on an e-mail back from her. I also will be interviewing the developer of the upcoming indie game, Gender Bender DNA Twister Extreme. Hopefully tonight, after work, I can drag myself away from my tablet and onto my pc to type the questions to send. Also, I should be interviewing Kris Justus from the webcomic Bridges… you know… soon. Like… when I remember to actually do it? Yeah. There might be a lot of interviews soon… so look forward to that.

And now, I must away!


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