People are still talking about this?

The Sandy Hook shooting was horrible. It affected many who were not directly linked to it. I was surprised to see an article on Kotaku about it so long after it. Video Games are often linked to shootings, so it was no surprise that more ‘evidence’ was found linking this tragedy to that. Apparently there is a spreadsheet of killings that the murderer had on his computer, and the police linked it to a leader board. Apparently the shooter, Adam Lanza, wanted his kill count to be added to the top, or something? The full Kotaku article can be found here:

I think people often attempt to link things to other things for their own purposes. Shootings can equal tighter gun control laws on guns not actually used in shootings, as well as stricter laws for video games that have no link in incidents. Now, if this man was cosplaying as Gordan Freeman from Valve’s Half life, or instead of having a rifle in the trunk of his car had say… The Super Scope? Yes. Blame video games.

I unfortunately(?) do not have cable, so most of my television news is about Jodi Arias, thanks to the Churches chicken connected to my grocery store that I work at. I was surprised that people were still talking about Sandy Hook.

I was even more surprised to see videos about people thinking that it was some sort of hoax.

So, hoax to force laws? Cover up? I’m on the fence. All I do know is that as long as the news channels only show us  certain things over and over again, there has to be some objective they are trying to achieve, right?


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