Anime Matsuri – Saturday

M1350018I might have judged Anime Matsuri a little too harshly. I said it was 4 floors, but instead it was 6. I realized my mistake after looking at a program. Getting to those floors is as easy as taking the stair well, or ridding the elevator… but they are there. Also, the area in the middle of the first floor is decent to hang out in, and at least at this convention no one yells at you for sitting on the floor, or at least so it seems.

Once outside of the convention, attendees are met with Taiko drummers, an annual car show called Import Reactor, and food trucks. The scenery around the convention’s is beautiful. There are beautiful buildings, it’s not too far from the performing arts center, there’s a fountain, as well as many other things to use for a back drop. As long as I don’t actually have to go into the hotel, Anime Matsuri is a pretty awesome anime convention. They even had a pool party on the 6th floor that was outside, great for photos, and had some awesome music. So once again… as long as you avoid the hollow box of a building that is the Hyatt Regency… it’s really fun.

I might sound harsh when I talk about the convention’s choice of location, but I have my reasons. I’ve outgrown feeling claustrophobic in hotels until this year’s Anime Matsuri.

All that aside, I had fun… and that’s the important part. Below is some cool photos from the convention. For more, go here:

M1350001 M1350002  M1350103M1350098 M1350012P1120336


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