Netsenshi Productions turn 12 today!

Netsenshi_sprite_comic1_by_NetSenshiI originally came up with the name, “Net Senshi” on April 1, 2001. Senshi meaning soldier, and net being short for umm… internet. I was in high school, and I was part of a Sailor Moon message board on e-groups. I also had the website: … So I made a small series of webcomics under the name Net Senshi. The e-group is no longer active, and neither is that very old website.

After that, I didn’t do much with the name until 2002 when I made my first AMV. My most popular one on youtube was to Rodney Carrington’s Dear Penis, to the anime Gravitation. A few years ago I took all of my amv’s down, and they no longer exist, to my knowledge.

In 2005 I used the name with my college friend Geoffrey Greer to create an entertainment group called NetSenshi Productions. We mainly did an event at anime conventions called The Pose Off, but also did an event with another member, Kevin Kirkpatrick, that was an Anime Dating game. Since then, other groups have done their own versions of our event. Due to the popularity from then anime convention videographer Kaylyn Dicksion (Marzgurl) videos, we’ve had people from Canada and even Denmark ask for permission to perform The Pose Off.


sketch12_by_NetSenshiNetSenshi Productions is no longer an entertainment group… just one person, myself, Sean Foley. I have used the name Netsenshi for screen names on forums, for my convention badge names, and even for my deviant art account. In fact, I feel I should mention that at least one request to do The Pose Off was through my Deviant Art account. Huh… it’s odd how convention owners in Texas can’t seem to contact me, but people in DENMARK can! DENMARK!!


I returned to my webcomic roots in 2007 with Storecraft. It was a parody based on what happened at my local video game store that i worked at. I eventually started doing another one called Con-Men, which was about fictional random things happening with convention people. I always told myself that if I ever made a book or a movie about anime conventions, I’d use scenes from Con-Men for the script. I eventually ended Store Craft, and a few years ago stopped actively working on Con-Men… but I hope to return to irregularly updating Con-Men sometime… this… year?

2009In 2009 I baked my first cake to celebrate NetSenshi Production’s 8th anniversary. I was living back at home, and it wasn’t the best of times.

Using at first a flip camcorder, I made anime convention videos. I’m still really proud of some of them. Once i got a better camcorder, I ironically didn’t have the technology to really use it due to it’s HD film format and my old computer.

In 2010 I celebrated my 9th anniversary while visiting Japan with friends: Andrew, Greg, Kaylyn, and Jacob. I also started this blog during this year. Check out my first post:

maidIn 2011 I started seriously photographing cosplayers at conventions.

In 2012 I did a series of videos with my friend Evan Normand under the name NetSenshi on the site

There were skits, game reviews, and other dumb stuff. We used but unfortunately it never really took off. I hope that when Evan graduates college, maybe we can do videos together again.

These days I mostly blog, take photos, and help out when possible at my friend Kevin, David, and Matt’s anime convention Louisianime.

Next year, NetSenshi is old enough to be considered a man by Jewish law. I’m looking forward to that, aren’t you?


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