Lack of finished fan art

Dreamer… I can’t even call it a Work IN Progress anymore.

Early this year, I promised fan art on the 5th Friday of every month that had one… and last month I failed to produce that. I feel super bad about it. Anime Matsuri happened, and in planning for that, I never fired up my laptop/wacom tablet.

To make up for this, I figured I’d show some art that never got finished, as well as one that I’m currently working on. The picture on the left was going to be called ‘Dreamer.’ It was about different versions of myself. The most finished one was a rule 63. I think I made the others to cover up that that one was the one I was most interested in, lol. I like the female Lincoln as well as it’s weird and random. Me as a knight or a sentai is damn cool as well. Man I should finish those!

girlsketch2 censored
Son of a Beach?

The next piece is a mostly finished nude of a rule 63 of myself yet again. I was unhappy with the way it looked, so I never finished it. I’m not that great when it comes to lighting and shading and all that stuff, so when I added the photo I had of the beach behind her… I realized right then that I was screwed. The ocean behind her, by the way, is actually The Gulf of Mexico off of Galveston Island. Yes, Texas has Islands. I had to explain that to a British friend once.

Inspired by an interview with Kaylyn Dicksion last year.

The picture on the left was made after interviewing Marzgurl at Ikki-con in 2012. I seem to doodle a lot of ideas that I get when I’m doing something else. I knew I wouldn’t ever finish this doodle, but I had to get it out there.

I loved the idea of her current get up controlling a Muppet version of herself in her original That Guy with The Glasses ensemble. I draw women a lot, now that I think about it…

Dragon Ball Z SNES games
Gaming with Sean presents: The Gaijin Chronicles

Okay! This next one still has a girl in it, but at least she isn’t based on a real human being. That’s progress, right? I was going to do a 3 part series of reviews covering some Super Famicom games. There was going to be DBZ, Sailor Moon, and Ranma 1/2. The title card to the right was the first part of a 3 part series of cards that formed a small comic, sort of. I sketched the other two out as well, but I’m going to probably save those for another time.

I REALLY REALLY enjoyed drawing this Sailor Moon. I think she turned out rather well. Ranma I’m iffy on, but buu looks kind of cool. Myself in the middle though? I thought it was AWESOME! And I sort of kind of look like that. I probably wont make myself a Super Saiyan… probably.

Derp da da derp derp DERP!

This last piece is what I was working on tonight. I’ll probably finish this one. I think… I mean… 65% chance of it…

Hopefully, seeing all of this unfinished art of mine will EVENTUALLY motivate me to finish… something… artsy. I haven’t even shown you my failed cosplay attempts yet!


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