Humble Negro Cemetery

P1120392There is a place in Humble, Tx that many know about, but few go to on a regular basis, known as The Humble Negro Cemetery, which was also once known as ‘The Pipe Yard’.

Before it was a cemetery, there was a Sawmill owned by Mr. Bender, a founder of Humble who was friendly with Humble’s black community. At another time, there was a kerosine refinery.

It is a remaining reminder of past racial segregation in America. In 1933 there was a vote in the city council to make the town ‘lily white.’ black families not only had to start moving out of Humble, but they also had to move their dead as well. The bodies were moved to a new ‘cemetery.’ The graves are randomly scattered and they are not in rows. Most of them have no headstone, and metal bars mark many of the graves for those without.

P1120372Getting to the cemetery can be either very easy, or a fun little adventure down a train track and through brush and around trees. Thanks to Grace Church in 2005, there is an  easier path. There is a road   that goes next to the track and beneath the underpass, and off of that there is a small road that leads through the woods and ends at a large blue dumpster. Sometimes this road is gated off though, and it is more fun to walk the train track.


In 2008, Willie Simms’ grave was vandalized by 3 Kingwood youths: Kevin Jones (17), Matthew Gonzalez(17),  and another 16-year-old boy.

His body was unearthed, and his head was stolen. They admitted to smoking marijuana out of this 11 year old’s skull. Grace church held a memorial service for Willie Simms. According to my research, Willie Simms’ skull has yet to be found.

There are three soldiers in The Negro Cemetery from World War I and World War II. Due to this, there is a flagpole that has recently been constructed to celebrate these veterans.

Below I have compiled a list of  my sources, as well as the youtube video that inspired me to go see the cemetery, as well as a link to my gallery.



2 thoughts on “Humble Negro Cemetery

  1. Hey, how’s it going? My name is Anubys Gutierrez, I’m a YouTuber/ filmmaker. I’m doing a documentary about the Negro Pipeline Cemetery located in Humble, TX on the 1960 Overpass.I was wondering if we could interview you and ask you a few questions about your experience. Let me know if you’re interested. Have a great day.

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