Cosplayers, please stop making Darkstalkers so sexy

morrigan-cosplay-11Darkstalkers is known for it’s sexy characters, or rather 4 of their sexy characters. Morrigan, Felicia, Lilith (?) and Hsienko. Most female cosplayers wanting to cosplay as something sexy from Darkstalkers cosplay as Felicia or Morrigan. Felicia’s lack of most clothing makes it a lot easier than Morrigan, so the more challenging cosplayer would go for Morrigan. Lilith is for people who are either younger or simply don’t quite have Morrigan’s figure. If you want to cosplay as something that wears slightly more clothing than DC comic’s Powergirl, you can go with Hsienko. She’s mostly covered except her arms and her boobie window. Also, Hsienko requires props, and thus anyone who wants to truly impress people with their cosplay, as opposed to being something for guys to drool over, will go this route.

BB Hood

Some people are surprised that Darkstalkers has yet two more female option. One is named BB Hood. You might remember her from such games as Cannon Spike on The Dreamcast or more popularly Marvel vs. Capcom 2. Also known as Buletta, BB Hood is a great option for women who want to cosplay from Darkstalkers. Sure, she’s not going to turn as many heads as a character who is literally designed with T&A in mind, but BB is an awesome and hardcore character. Dressed as Little Red Ridding Hood, she uses her basket, explosives, guns, fire spewing wine bottles, and for you American McGee fans out there: A butcher knife. She also pairs well with the huntsmen and the soldier that come out from under her skirt in her super. YES. MEN WITH GUNS COME OUT FROM UNDER HER SKIRT!

Queen Bee

The other option, is Queen Bee. She’s pretty cool, and she is sexy. Definitely sexier than BB Hood, who I listed first do to how practical her costume is.

Queen Bee, also has an alternate form thanks to another character’s move that gives her a yellow nurses uniform. I have seen pictures of this version cosplayed. I think Queen Bee is obscured by the others thanks to her inclusion only in the last Darkstalkers game. She’s a fun character to play as, and her move set gives way for some interesting pictures. Also, some funny dat ass moments, thanks to her stinger.


Besides BB Hood and Queen Bee, there are many male Darkstalkers characters, all of which have slightly more than girlish figures thanks to Demitri Maximoff’s Midnight Bliss move in Darkstalkers 3. Heck, even the female characters have alternate forms, such as Felicia’s version of Marilyn Monroe’s white dress, or heck even her Nun outfit is a better choice.

I’m aware that a lot of women don’t play fighting games. That’s why I’m urging cosplayers NOT to do the more known Darkstalkers cosplay, considering how otherwise obscure this game series is. It upsets some fans who share my opinions, yes, but it also might upset some of the actual women who play Darkstalkers.

Minami’s avatar dressed up as Lilith from the anime Baka and Test.

Still not convinced? All Right. Than how about cosplaying as the versions from Baka and Test? In an episode, their avatars mess up, and two of the girls, Mizuki and Minami, end up looking like Morrigan and Lilith. This parody would be hilarious, still sexy, and actually be from an anime… not that everyone dressing up at an anime convention has to be from an anime… or anything. Not many people do these versions, so the cosplayer who does might be the only ones dressed like this at a convention, which is a added perk.


At this point, I’m aware that I’m not going to convince people to dress up as Felicia’s alternate costumes from PS3 RPG Cross Edge just out of modesty. Fine. If anything, most will want to cosplay as Morrigan from Gunbird 2 now.

I suppose that I have to just admit that most women cosplaying from my favorite fighting game just don’t really care too much about it. Why would they, when they can be instantly recognized as sex objects?


3 thoughts on “Cosplayers, please stop making Darkstalkers so sexy

  1. This is kind of old now, but saying “I’m aware that a lot of women don’t play fighting games” completely invalidates everything you said in this entire write up. Who are you to assume that these cosplayers don’t play or have never played the game? It’s really not that obscure, nearly anyone I know who is a gamer has at least heard of it. Surely not all of the “sexy” cosplayers have played it but if a female wants to feel badass and look sexy in cosplay, you have no right to knock her down for it and definitely no right to assume she has never played or doesn’t like Darkstalkers.

    1. Hi! Thanks for your comment. The main point I was trying to make was that there ware several options out there. I know that cosplay brings joy to many people, and that there is a lot of empowerment dressing as a character people want to take pictures of. As a cosplayer myself, it’s quite a thrill. Since this article, I’ve changed my opinion slightly, but I still wish to share my desire for people to explore more of the characters in the game/anime/cartoon.

      As far as my invalidation…. look. I want women to play Darkstalkers, Guilty Gear, whatever. I like fighting games, and it saddens me that I don’t see women more. Maybe guys turn women off to playing it in public, I dunno. I just know that when I talk to cosplayers and gamers, mainly women tend to not be as into fighting games, and that saddens me to no great end. Perhaps I should suggest some on my blog to help get people into them? Any suggestions?

      1. I luv fighting games and most ladies want the power to feel desirable because they know ppl will look at the cosplay but sometimes experices ruin that moment and makes ppl not do it any more

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