Louisianime 2013

Cat chan and Nice Pants at the convention horror stories panel.

It always seem like that no matter how much I tell myself that I’m going to post ASAP after a convention, I rarely do.

LOUISIANIME! This was the 5th year of the convention that is now held from May 10-12 in Lafayette, LA , and while it definitely had it’s ups and downs, there was one current theme that was evident the entire weekend. Progress.

Progress? Yes progress. Take registration, which started with a very cumbersome and slow way to take credit cards. By the end of the convention, they had a completely different way to take them that I preferred over even taking cash.

I could also say the word adaptable. The number of volunteers were quite low, but the ones they had were running around doing a little bit of everything. I myself did registration as well as a panel that was another persons at the last minute. I felt that if I could prevent Louisianime from not canceling a panel that people wanted to see, that that was a win.

Origami Panel

Louisianime also changed how activity badges were executed. This could be seen as bad and good at the same time. Basically you paid less to do one activity, and that way if you only wanted to attend the one workshop/activity, you could end up paying as low as $2. I think that ended up hurting the over all attendance in those panels, as there was some confusion over that.

Speaking about workshops, I got the chance to attend Louisianime co-owner David Scott’s Tea Tasting panel. I found it odd that while they do both this panel and a lolita tea party, Mr. Scott isn’t connected with the latter. On Sunday Mr. Scott played guitar in a casual yet private serenade just for the mother’s at his tea panel, where he gave people their choice of tea from his own supply for them to make at home.

derpyDavid’s origami panel once again returned, and he taught them how to make swans and frogs. Fans seemed entertained, as usual, by each step of their new creations.

Other panels I attended and helped with were: Cosplay Horror Stories (which was AWESOME in a terrifying way), Con Horror Stories, Let’s Go to Japan, Go!, and of course The Pose Off. Louisianime doesn’t shy away from offering entertaining panels that other conventions might, and even the ones I had to help with, I found amazing.

T-Shirts were back for the first time since the 1st year. That’s awesome… here’s hoping that next year’s has better size allocation, and possibly more than just a logo.

Louisianime is, and probably will always be, a convention that’s hard to review. Maybe you should experience the awesome for yourself? For pictures, go to: http://www.flickr.com/photos/netsenshi/sets/72157633487707506/


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