Memorial day?

ImageAfter work on Monday, I wanted to visit a cemetery in order to do the right thing, and honor soldiers who are no longer with us. So I head down to the closest one from work, the old black cemetery. It has a soldier from WWI and WWII in it. It also has a flag pole that is supposed to have a flag on veteran’s day… so hey! This should be a smart thing, right.

The small gate was closed, so I ended up easily hopping over it, and was instantly surprised to see a fairly young, clean, homeless person defecating in the bushes. We gave each other a good scare. Anyways, so the weeds were starting to overtake the graves and what not yet again. I found the WWI grave just find, saluted it, and said a few things. I found another one that was a private… maybe he was the WWII one?

Anyways, I did the same, and then visited the still bare flag pole, and began to pray, which is something I normally really don’t ever do. The homeless person then approached me, and started asking me some questions, not realizing that I was praying. He eventually realized afterwords.

Apparently he just found this place today, so I proceeded to give him a history lesson about the ruins there, i.e. that there was a saw mill and a kerosene refinery on these grounds, as well as how the black people were kicked out of Humble at one point and had to re-bury their dead outside of the city limits. I then, well, you know… got the hell out of there!

So yeah… that is what I did this memorial day. What did you guys do?


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