Happy Canada Day!

sailormoon_beachWhile this day is to celebrate the glory of my countries neighbor to the north, since I don’t know much about said Holiday, which I can only assume is about the unification and formation of Canada, I’ve decided to take this chance to talk about Sailor Moon, as it was the birthday of said series protagonist on June 30th.

The first two seasons of Sailor Moon were brought to North America by DiC, a company from The United States of America. Optimum Productions, a company based out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada did all of the voice work during that time. The next two seasons were brought over to North America via Cloverway Inc., Toei animation’s international division. Between the two companies and Cartoon Network cutting 1-2 minutes of footage out of each episode for more commercials, cut episodes, modified scenes, homosexual characters and relationships being changed, and Toei refusing to give most of the world the last season, Sailor Moon Stars, The North American release is severely lacking. Even the uncensored and subtitled ADV DVD’s are missing an episode.

With news that there is to be a new anime series of Sailor Moon coming out… sometime… It’s a little upsetting knowing that the original series never got the treatment that it deserved. While the Manga has been recently re-translated by Kodansha, the original anime is no where in sight, and I for one am still a little miffed. As someone who own a bootlegged DVD of Sailor Moon Stars, I would personally pay good money to see an official Blu Ray release of the series, even if subbed. Heck, no offense to Canadian voice actresses such as Tracey Moore, Terri Hawkes, or Linda Ballantyne, I might even prefer it that way. 

Heck, who am I kidding, I’d take the DiC dub even at this point.


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