My Favorite ‘Transformers’

Below, is a top 10 of my favorite transformations from well… everything. Enjoy!

10.) Doctor Who’s regeneration

Oh Doctor. Every time an actor needs to be replaced on the show Doctor Who, the Doctor dies and regenerates into a new body. Actor Matt Smith is the current itteration, but will soon be replaced.

9.) Power Rangers –

Umm, nuff said.

8.) Wonder Woman’s spin transformation

Wow. Just. Wow. Does a quick clothing change count as a transformation? I guess it did for Zelda/Shiek in The Legend of Zelda, so Diana Carter’s Wonder Woman counts as well?

pinklinkbunny7.) The Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past – Bunny Link
In The Legend of Zelda, game protagonist Link is transformed into a pink bunny when he steps through a portal on Death Mountain into the Dark World without the item The Moon Pearl. As a bunny, Link can not attack or defend himself from danger, and he must use the mirror to both transform back, as well as travel back to the light world.

6.) The Last Unicorn – The Lady Amalthea
This one is mainly due to both nastalgia, and the fact that the transformation from human back into a Unicorn looks pretty nifty, especially given the time that it was animated.


chibimoon5.) Adult Chibi Usa – Any time Chibi Usa transforms into an adult, it’s awesome. I don’t know how someone as annoying as her becomes less so. Maybe the attractiveness of a woman makes you not care about how annoying they are? Chibi Usa originally became Black Lady / Wicked Lady in Sailor Moon R. Then, in Sailor Moon Super S, she has her age switched with Sailor Moons temporarily.

4.) Capcom – Demitri Maximov’s midnight blisses

The vampire from Capcom’s Darkstalkers series has been more active lately. Not satisfied with transforming male Capcom characters into women in games such as Capcom Fighting Evolution, he’s branched out to publisher SNK’s characters in SNK vs Capcom as a secret character. It should be noted that women just get cuter for the most part.

gargoylestrans3.) Gargoyles – Elisa Maza AND Demona
I couldn’t choose between these two women. In The Mirror, Demona uses the trickster Puck to get rid of that human Elisa Maza, and hey! He did! And at the end of the episode, he allowed Demona to stay flesh during the day. Puck is such a great guy!

2.) Sailor Moon – Luna as Princess Kaguya

I’ve gone into great detail on why I’ve chosen Luna. Nuff said. She pulls off the GIANT bow tie. Bow ties are cool.


Billy Batson has the ability to transform from a child to a super powerful adult. The video above is from a youtube user recreating the effect. It’s sad that this was the best example I have. I chose Captain Marvel, because it’s one of those transformations that comes to mind every now and then when I’m doing something random on the street. I just suddenly think of Captain Marvel, and yell out SHAZAM!


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