I’m so Thirsty for Your Love!

ImageOver the past few weeks, I’ve forced a friend to do the unimaginable. I made him watch every episode of Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon: Sailor Stars. It was predictable, horribly written, and filled with scenes that would guarantee it would never, ever, get an American release.

“As bad as that was… I could watch some more.”
-Anonymous Friend

My friend compared Sailor Stars, jokingly, to a cult. He also said that he would never look at a Sailor Moon fan the same way ever again.

As bad as Sailor Stars was, and it is bad, Shouldn’t the series be brought over to America? No. Toei went out of their way when they were adapting and changing the manga, to make sure that it would be (shy of butchering it even worse than DiC had originally) impossible to show on American televisions.

Since there is no way to legally see Sailor Moon: Sailor Stars in America, here’s the next best thing:


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