ImageOn Sundays, I post what you can do to kill time. This Friday, however, I’m going to post what I’ve done lately. I have done the following:

  • Purchased this tablet: The Ematic Genesis Prime
    -I purchased it in Red, because I lost my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 a few days ago.
  • Purchased 48 Sega Genesis games
    -The games cost $5, and you can use the one time use code for any digital game on Amazon, GOONCAVE , for an additional saving
    -If you want to add it to your steam collection, download a collection through Steam, such as Sega Genesis Classics Pack 5, which includes additional games. This will allow you to play it through that.
  • Sketched a Zelda comic. Will maybe scan it in after inking, and update with it sooner or later.
  • Got the following achievements in Dead Rising 2: Off The Record: Cramped Quarters, and Adult Content.

Thus far, as you can tell, it’s been a pretty slow day off. I also played some fighting games. I’ve pretty much been just enjoying the day off.

A few days ago, I attempted to seriously edit some old cosplay pictures that I have taken. I ended up just screwing around making them look kind of neat. I’ll try and post whatever else I do today as well, for completeness sake.

Poison touch up



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