My Little Pony Avatar items

No Derpy hoodie? Fine, I’ll settle for Twilight Sparkle.

While some feel that X-Box avatar items are pointless, I would like to remind folks that people care about character skins in games proper, so what’s the huge fuss? There are games that allow the use of your avatar, such as Doritos Crash Course challenge, Avatar Drop, etc.

On July 23, My Little Pony brand appeared in the Xbox Avatar Marketplace. There are six hoodies of the main pony characters, a ‘backpack’ that includes a shirt, and a flying Rainbow Dash pet. It should be noted that if you wear glasses, like I do, that your avatar will not be wearing them once the outfit is on. I found that irksome, but not as much as the omission of Spike The Dragon as well as many other fan favorite characters.

I’m personally hoping that by the time Season 4 of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic arrives, there will be more avatar clothes to choose from, especially considering it would be a great way to advertise their movie Equestria Girls, which they intend to show for free on The Hub.

Below is a quick youtube video I made of my avatar wearing the Twilight Sparkle Hoodie… Note: She is not best pony, I just didn’t know who else to buy.


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