MechaCon mascots

MechaCon was last weekend in beautiful New Orleans, LA and even though I was only there for Saturday, I had a lot of fun! It was exciting seeing former cast members from Power Rangers casually strolling around, and I loved watching the panel I saw Greg Weisman in.

Besides promoting Louisianime, I also came there with the mission of  getting autographs. I did not end up getting the signatures from the cast of Power Rangers because it was $20 a pop, even if it was on something that you brought to them. I did, however, get my Season 2 Volume 2 DVD of Gargoyles autographed by Greg as well as an old Gargoyles pop-up book. That’s pretty awesome, I think.

Speaking about autographs, the program guide featured a two page spread devoted to obtaining them, and on one corner it had a gender bent and Disney princess styled C-3PO and R2-D2. While these were clearly not the droids that I was looking for, it was most definitely a pleasant surprise.

R2-D2 has NEVER looked sexier!

To see some pictures I took during the convention, click here!


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