Is this real?

Is this the second coming?

Sailor Moon, an obvious Jesus parable, will be returning in a brand new anime this winter!

ImageI discovered a link via social sites that has concept art, but appears to be in Chinese. The Google translation of the page hurt my brain, a lot. Is this real?

The site shows pictures of the main cast in both their 30’s and their teens, and makes me think that this could be images of the new anime, and means one of two things:

A.) It’s a retelling of the original anime in retrospect with narration of older self, or how those events are still having an impact on them now, or more likely

B.) The main cast is in their 30’s/40’s, and is about their children who all somehow look almost identical to them.

ImageSince Sailor Saturn and Chibi-Moon appear older than the others, and the article mentions children, I have to assume that the latter is true. The above image makes me sad for Mamoru, who is still the only guy in a sea of estrogen.

Considering the title says that this is fake, and a fanfiction, I’m saying that this is one of the best practical jokes ever. The images are clean and very believable. By best, know that I actually mean the worst. For more, go here:


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