High-dynamic-range imaging

bridgeI first learned about HDR via a kotaku article about cosplay. Wikipedia describes High-dynamic-range imaging as “…a set of methods used in imaging and photography to capture a greater dynamic range between the lightest and darkest areas of an image than current standard digital imaging methods or photographic methods. HDR images can represent more accurately the range of intensity levels found in real scenes, from direct sunlight to faint starlight, and is often captured by way of a plurality of differently exposed pictures of the same subject matter.”

While I seem to be a bit late to this party, I never the less wanted to jump on board. I used the following tutorial, http://www.gimpology.com/submission/view/fake_hdr_look_in_gimp/, only slightly changing a few things in a couple of images.


My conclusion thus far? Environments and objects yes, people and costumes… I’m not so sure. Hopefully, in time, I will have a better understanding and grasp on HDR, as well as know when to use, and not to use it.


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