Why Sunday?

Why Sunday?! WHY?!

And on the seventh day, God said “Maybe this is the first day of the week??” Sunday is bad, and it should feel bad. It knows what it did! Yes, I’ve long preached how it just takes up space, possibly like those pointless Pokemon you just had to catch so you could get all 150 151 of! Well, my friends, We, and by that I mean I, have come up with some fun diversions for this amazing day!

My Little Pony: Here is a top ten pony videos for October 2013, THANKS TO JHaller

Ariel is sort of a bad ass? Sort of…

TV: Once Upon a Time – It’s at 8:00pm on ABC. I don’t know how they are going to top last weeks episode, where The Little Mermaid has to shank a B*+(#!
Amazon: Bronies: The Extremely Unexpected Adult Fandom of My Little Pony  You can rent this pony doc that features John Delancie singing for a paltry 3.99, or buy the blu ray which is now on sale with the bonus material for $20… That is 1/2 off!
Netflix: Supernatural? There’s a whole bunch of episodes!
Movie 43: This movie, which is a series of shorts, has an all star cast! Warning: It has tons of crude humor in it!
PBS: Are You Weird if You Play as the Opposite Sex?

There are tons of other things you can do… like start a podcast! Or you know… wait until the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who which is still weeks away. Whatever!


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