Hot Topic back peddles after catering to Cosplay elitists

ImageIt is bad enough that many people believe that if they go to a convention, that they have to dress up as a character, but with Hot Topic’s shirt that defines what cosplay means, maybe some people are right to stay away?

I am a large man on a budget. When I dress up, it’s to have a good time, as well as a chance to connect with people who share my interests. I try my hardest to not be known as the ‘fat Link’ cosplayer, or the ‘fat Pokemon Breeder’. So if the woman’s shirt on the left is correct, I should be too ashamed to cosplay, as clearly I’m doing it wrong. Well SCREW THAT!

Yes, there are cosplayers who believe in this shirt’s philosophy. Hell, they even do panels at anime conventions. I can see them laughing as they wear them. All of a sudden, they have a clique that they are in. The entire god damn point of conventions, and through extension cosplay, is to tear down walls and let people know that they aren’t alone! To bring people together! not make another effing place for people to feel awkward.

It’s kind of like a cheerleader wearing a shirt that says ‘I would never date you, don’t even try.’

What?! You aren’t a man in an anthropomorphic fursuit?! Why are you even trying?!

As you can tell, this whole situation makes me quite emotional. Thank God that Hot Topic has pulled the shirt from it’s store.

The blog Anime Jam Session shared a message they had received from hot topic when they contacted them about the shirt.  Hot Topic stated that they ‘intended the message to encourage cosplayers to got all out.’ They claimed to not have meant any ‘disrespect to the cosplay community.’

That might be ‘the god’s honest truth,’ but they should have used some common sense. What’s next, a shirt that defines Bronies as 20-40 something year old males? Thus alienating the intended fan base, women, and young men? Here’s hoping Hot Topic can learn it’s lesson for the foreseeable future.


5 thoughts on “Hot Topic back peddles after catering to Cosplay elitists

  1. You know…making it right doesn’t necessarily means “look sexy on it” or “make a perfect copy of a given character. Use your features and your skills and your creativity to create a cosplay that’s right, even if it is meant to be either really good or really bad or funny or amazing or weird…

    1. You are correct in that the word right doesn’t equal sexy. That said, if a person wants to wear a Naruto headband and jacket only… than he has every right to comfortably do that. Even if you go by how Hot Topic had originally meant for it to be interpreted, it could still come off as rude to those just getting into the hobby or just do not have the money or skill to do it as well as they would like to.

      Also, I have attended a panel at a convention that was being held by a very popular Steam Punk cosplayer, and he basically said that if you don’t look like the character, than you shouldn’t cosplay as the character. The problem with this shirt is that it only reinforces that controversial philosophy.

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