Crossplay legal again in Osaka


Blogging site Anime News Network did a blog post on November 14th, 2013 about how the Osaka Goverment had recently lifted a ban on crossdressing at the Osaka Prefectural Government Sakishima Building. Apparently the ban had been in place due to a scuffle years prior that had happened when a man was mistaken for a woman when he went into a men’s restroom dressed as a female character.

The ban was meant to prevent situations like that from occurring at cosplay events such as “Cosumel in Cosmo Tower,” but it was brought up that this ban would be considered discrimination for any actual cross dressers who were inside the building at that time, and thus illegal.

for more information, please go to the blog post above. I wonder what kind of scuffle originally happened. Did the man attempt to molest this supposed woman? Did he try using force in order to eject the beautiful man in a dress out of the restroom?


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