Ms. Male Character – Tropes vs Women in Video Games

Sassette, in gender stereotypical pink, was created to make Smurfette not lonely. True Story.

Anita Sarkeesian has made another gaming video. This one, has some glaring problems. Smurfette is not the only Smurf in the smurf village, she’s just the only important one. There are at least two more, one being a child and the other being a grandmother.

Also, she is wrong about there being only one female toad in Super Mario Bros.  There were female Toads in the SNES RPG. There were female toads in Mario RPG, but they did of course suffer the Ms. Male Character trope. Toadette is, like Smurfette, just the important one.

I realize that the two facts above will come off as me nitpicking, but in the information business, misinformation is deadly.

Speaking about Toad, anticipate an upcoming editorial about Toad in the near future.


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