So I bought one of those PS3’s everyone is excited about. I can’t wait to fire up some Kingdom Hearts and try it out.

Okay, this sounds like a joke. but I completely passed on this last gen system. A good buddy of mine sold me his like… 20 gig? for $50. I think it’s kind of cool. I can’t wait to play Crunchy Roll and umm… I don’t know what else I’m going to do with it until Final Fantasy X comes out, other than watch Blu-Ray movies and maybe Crunchy Roll.

If there are some awesome PS3 exclusives I should check out, can people mention them to me in the comments? I hear they have a lot of exclusive JRPGs, like Cross Edge. I’d only check that out because, well, Darkstalkers.


One thought on “Slowpoke

  1. I have never played it, but The Lasts of Us. I watched some plays through’s of it and….its amazing. The graphics from what I saw were top of the line and the plot to me was pretty good. I don’t know many other games but that’s the one that I really wish that I could play.

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