The Sunday Recap

Dear Princess Twilight: Please make Sunday less boring.

Saturday was too awesome. Sunday shall surely suck. Maybe we should just watch Saturday TV again through the sheer awesomeness of DVR?

Wait… no DVR? Oh, so you recorded Ponies, and Day of The Doctor using a VCR. How very Timey-wimey of you?

Wait… not even that? Well, thank goodness. Just think of how spacey wacey that would be. Well I’m sure that with the vast awesomeness of ‘The Internets’ that you will find a way.

Before you watch The 50th:

This mini episode features a rare look at the 8th Doctor, who had only previously been seen in one movie.

Before you watch MLP Season 4 ep 1: I would strongly suggest that you watch the first two episodes of Season 1, first two of Season 2, episode 10 of Season 3 as well as the last episode of Season 3. Oh, and for the hell of it, The Equestria Girls movie.

But What if I DON’T care about constantly regernating lords, and colorful quadrupeds:  Get The @^DU OUT! no, kidding. It’s cool. The little Clyde robots came back in a new Toonami bump. That’s pretty nifty.

ImageOkay… Still don’t care: Well aren’t you an awesome person, bringing everyone down just because you don’t love what they are constantly messaging about until doomsday. Good for you? Well, here’s some tips for cooking your turkey next week. There is also Kotaku’s Moneysaver in case you were worried about Black Friday. The Humble Bundle if you want to play some great games on your mobile device for cheap, while you wait in line to shop on Thursday night… Still here? I dream of Jeannie is on crackle, but their first episode is season 2 episode 1.

None of that information helped me: THEN WATCH SOME SOUTH PARK! Full episodes, streaming. There! If that’s not enough? Read a book? Take a walk? Whatever.


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