your fix for The Sunday Horribles

ImageSo what to do on Sunday. Well, you can research how awesome Fish Oil is! I might be using it for Psoriasis, ADHD, Depression, and maybe even Blood Pressure. Or not. Oh! You can research a bunch of Sailor Moon stuff for an entire months worth of blog posts. That’s what I’m doing before and after work. Or you can marathon Supernatural on Netflix or watch Sanford and Son on crackle. There.

Oh! And you can catch up on Takei’s take!

That’s episode 4, I think there are like, what… 6 of them? No… still bored? Well… huh… I’ve got it! Let’s listen and sing along with every single Disney song ever!

Huh. And you guys thought I was phoning in this Sunday’s blog post. Hah. Stay tuned in December, as there will be a blog post about Sailor Moon related stuff every day, as well as many multiple day blog posts!


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