Isn’t it fishy?


One of my favorite issues of Superman, is the one where he remembers the woman he loved in college who, incidentally, turned out to be a mermaid. This made me wonder if the other two characters from DC’s, ‘Big Three,’ ever had a romantic interest with a mermaid, or had even met one. Wonder Woman, depicted on the left, had an awkward thing going on with Steve Trevor, a Merman, and an Amoeba. Batman? Well… I can’t find anything for him romantically. So, including Superman’s almost fiance, Lori Lemaris, that’s S: 1, W:1 , B:0

ImageAnd then I stumbled upon the picture to the right. That’s Batman from 1949’s Batman #53. As a Merman. Wow. So, that made me wonder about the other two characters becoming mer-folk. It turns out that Superman, and his younger identity of Superboy, had both had fish tails at one point or another. No surprise really, given that he fights people somewhat regularly who can transform the very universe itself.


But Wonder Woman? Where is her fish tale for the evening? Certainly, with all of the mythological creatures she has fought, she seems the more likely candidate for a fin than these super macho men, right? I can not find any official reference to Princess Diana ever being transformed into a mermaid. HOW?! This… just… seems really weird to me. so for actually being a ‘mermaid,’ the score is: S:2, W:1, B:1

At this point, it’s sexist NOT to make Wonder Woman a mermaid, temporarily. Hell, while we are at it… make her the temporary love interest of Batman while she has a tail. That way, you kill two Thanagarians with one stone!


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