Luna live actionAs previously stated in my July post, I’m in love with a cat…, I… well… do. That said, the fact that the live action Sailor Moon series not only made the character a speaking plushie, but also had her transform into a little girl, really upsets me! Now, I know I shouldn’t get this worked up over this. Hell, for all I know, Luna could be a complete bad ass in this series. Yeah… she could be like Castiel in Supernatural  bad ass… that delusion alone should give me some level of comfort, yes?

Artemis, Luna, and Diana as humans
Artemis, Luna, and Diana as humans

No. I just can’t do it. That’s disturbing, is what that is. I’m out. Sailor Moon’s cat is very important to me. I would have to say, if anything, Luna looks more like her and Artemis’ daughter, Diana, more so than she does Luna from the manga and anime.  While it is still unknown if the new Sailor Moon anime series will follow the manga’s story more closely, a la Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood, or if this is a complete re-imagining of the character and property, i.e. Ultimate Spider-Man, I really do hope that they portray Luna better than this. She and her fans deserve better.


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