Shadow Ponies


Last Saturday’s episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, was an interesting episode. It’s plot follows directly after last week’s episode where they had introduced the notion that Princess Celestia and Princess Luna once shared a castle before they had their little falling out, and it is now in ruins.

While the setting is interesting, the last few seconds are the most important. They introduce the idea of Shadow Ponies, and show the ‘character’ to the left.

ImageIs this shadow pony anyway related to the supposed real life phenomenon, “shadow people?” Some incarnations of shadow people mention them having red eyes. If so, that is quite an interesting thing for a show that was originally aimed at little girls to explore.

Past major villains have had some interesting eye colors in MLP. The Changelings had light blue eyes. King Sombra had Green and red eyes. While Discord had yellow eyes, they looked nothing like these. If anything, they are building up a character or creature that will be the end season boss, or possibly even a mid season conflict.

ImageYou know what? I’m probably wrong. It’s old Yellow Eyes from Supernatural, in pony form! It’s no different from when MLP showed the cast from The Big Lebowski! I’m on to you ‘The HUB!’


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