Sunday Funday

ImageLike every Sunday, this is the day that I whine about everything closing early, as well as give you excellent things to distract yourself with. It’s formula, and we both know it. That doesn’t mean that it’s a bad thing though, so let’s get cracking!

Humble Weekly Bundle: Multimedia Fusion 2, Vincere totus Astrum, Oddplanet, Splotches, Faerie Solitaire, MANOS: The Hands of Fate, Pitiri 1977 are the games you can get for donating at least a dollar. donate at least $6, and you walk away with Knytt Underground, Really Big Sky, and NightSky. I personally purchased this weekly bundle because of Multimedia Fusion 2. It’s not a game, but software that helps you make games and apps. The games in this bundle look interesting too!

Kindle – You could always pre-order Piers Anthony’s latest Xanth book, Board Stiff, which comes out December 17, 2013! I mean… it’s like… the 38th Xanth Novel! You’re committed if you are still reading these stories! If that didn’t do it for you, than how about Greg Weisman’s Rain of The Ghosts! He was the creator of Gargoyles AND Young Justice. You owe him a little bit of your attention. Okay, well then whip out an old copy of the fabulous Star Trek X-Men crossover book, Planet X! That book is still really awesome, and it’s on Kindle too!

Television: That’s EASY! Once Upon a Time! They are going back to Story Brook, so maybe Ariel will be in the episode? Other than that… I’ve got nothing!

Trailer: Amazing Spider-Man 2

Documentary: Comic Book Superheroes Unmasked

My GOD! Keith David and his voice! WHY IS THIS GUY SO AWESOME! Okay, sorry. So if Goliath’s voice from Gargoyles can’t get you to join The United States Navy, maybe he can convince you to watch this documentary on the comic book industry? It’s a little old, but it’s still amazing!

Gaming, books, Once Upon a Time, Spider-Man, and an amazing documentary. If that’s not enough to preoccupy your time for a few minutes today, than I don’t know what will! Oh wait… Maybe a Sailor Moon puzzle game?


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