ImageI have decided that Monday needs a theme. After last monday’s post about mermaids, I have decided that from here on out, every Monday, I will post something about mermaids on my blog. Mer-Monday! It’s a thing! For the record, Sunday is still a worthless day that is devoted only to lamenting in how worthless it is… Thank god that is over, right?

While I want to get to many things, such as a review of Splash, starring Tom Hanks Daryl Hannah, I felt like I needed to start with Ariel, The Little Mermaid. I could try to defend her left and right, but I’m going to let this feminist blog defend her even better than I ever could: It’s a great read, and brings up some excellent points.

Ariel on Broadway

Another great article to check out is Fanpop’s article about how Ariel was created visually. Since I often speak about Ariel, I feel like I should end this with something special. Below is a video of a woman wearing a mermaid tail, as she holds her breath under water during the entire song ‘part of your world,’ plus extra time added through the song Under The Sea! While it’s not a record, it is cool. No, seriously… the water was 72 degrees, so she is shivering under the water, which makes it even harder.


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