Artemis the cat plays a very interesting role in Sailor Moon. He originates from the prequel manga Sailor V, and is one of the two only male protagonists in a sea of estrogen. Unlike Tuxedo Mask, Artemis always gets the short end of the stick. He knows that he and Luna are supposed to be an item, but she cheats on him with a human astronomer! I hope he never tells their daughter from the future about that one.


Artemis is constantly teased by Minako, Sailor Venus, despite the fact that they are great friends. Sailor V has refereed to him as a crossdressing cat, due to him sharing the same name as the Greek goddess Artemis.

Like Luna and their daughter Diana, Artemis has a human form. Unfortunately, it is never shown in the anime. Artemis often tries to be suave and cool, but often gets teased by Luna despite that.

Poor Kitty.


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