14 year old girls


If I am called a pervert for thinking that the 15 year old character Spider-Girl is cute, than what do we make of this official lingerie based on the 14 year old children from Sailor Moon?

Okay, I know that the intended audience is most likely the 20 – 30 something year old women who grew up watching Sailor Moon as children, but this is still kind of weird. One positive thing to note is that there are no designs based on The Outer Senshi, nor Sailor Moon’s future daughter, Chibi-Usa. I suppose no one wanted to ask how their butt looked while they were dressed as Sailor Uranus. Maybe I should feel bad for those awkward fetishists who would rather dress as Sailor Chibi-Moon, because damn it, 14 year old girls are just a little too old?

Another question I have, is where is the underwear based on Luna, their cat? I mean… she was legalish… in cat years. While I think they could have made these more accurately by basing them after a bodyshaper, I guess any official merchandise is a step forward. For more info, here is the Kotaku article that I found this in, as well as the Natalie website where, with a grasp of the Japanese language, you can procure said bra and panties for just $48.


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