This is why you don’t give out presents early

Thank you Nala, for not putting up with my error in Christmas gifting protocol.

My partner in crime, David A. Scott IV, from the podcast Words are Bullshit, is a huge fan of Penny Arcade. It was natural to give him one of the comics as a present, and since I knew how grateful he would be, I eventually gave it to him early.

Now, Penny Arcade’s prints are cheap, like your mom (Thank you for that punchline, VGcats!), but are definitely of quality. I should have, at the very least, waited to frame the print before gifting it. Since I didn’t know what his preferred frame style was, it seemed like a good idea at the time.

David and a friend went out to lunch for the afternoon, and I had an errand to run myself. In that time frame, the cat had not only knocked it out of the folded piece of cardboard it was in, but also had clawed through the plastic bag that it was in, and into the image itself.

Now maybe the owner is to blame for leaving it where he did, or maybe the material choice it was shipped in should be blamed. Did you know that once you take it out of the shipping package, apparently the plastic bag around it immediately fills with air, making it hard to put back?


Heck, who am I kidding? It’s my fault for not presuming he wanted a fancy frame that would trap it for all time, like General Zod and his crew in Superman II. Wait. No. That reference is too overdone. Trapped in a mirror like in Supergirl. There. That’s better.


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