Tuxedo Mask


Tuxedo Kamen, or popularly translated, Tuxedo Mask, is one of the most important characters in the series, yet one of the least powerful. Often appearing as some sort of… magical boyfriend… for the main protagonist, it is easy to say that Usagi might have had a much shorter career as Sailor Moon without him.

The formula is simple. Sailor Moon gets her butt kicked by the monster of the day. A rose is thrown at just the right time, and out pops Tuxedo Mask to save the day. Well… he tells her something important, and Sailor Moon and her friends ultimately save the day. He does fight occasionally, but Tuxedo Mask’s power set is closer to that of a white mage then a soldier. He hits for low damage with his magician’s cane, and even has healing magic. It might be due to his low attack and hp that Mamoru Chiba often lurks in the shadows.

Like the Sailor Senshi, Mamoru is the reincarnation of a past self that was killed in battle on The Moon. He was Prince Endymion, ruler and guardian of Earth. Huh. So if Princess Serenity, Sailor Moon, represents the Moon… does that make her his overly attached girlfriend, almost always watching and orbiting around him?

Prince Endymion had 4 generals that were sworn to protect him, before Queen Beryl brain washed them. Endymion, as Tuxedo Mask, was later brainwashed into fighting his beloved, Sailor Moon, but in the present day.

wicked lady and tuxedo
Adult on the outside, child on the inside, and also your daughter. What to do, What to do.

Mamoru seems to have bad luck. Two women love him, and everyone dies and has to be reborn, his parents died in a car crash that gave him amnesia, he’s brainwashed and turned evil, his daughter from the future shows up and wants to bang him, he has a friend from the orphanage that turns evil and wants to bang him, and the list just goes ON AND ON AND ON!

One of the cool things about the character, in the anime only, is that in the second season he splits into two people. One of them becomes the character ‘The Moonlight Knight,’ who wishes to always protect Sailor Moon, while the other one is just a plain old Mamoru who has forgotten everything that happened during the first season. Wait, did I say cool? That kind of sucks, because Moonlight Knight was awesome! It’s a shame that the character only belongs to a filler arc that wasn’t made by the mangaka, Naoko Takeuchi, as it probably wont happen when the new anime airs this Winter.

Oh… one last thing. Mamoru was called Darien in the DiC dubbed anime. Gah… If I use the American name for his character, but forgot to leave that part out, I’m sure someone out there would have my head.


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