Toad spotting

char_26831As previously mentioned, Toad is a very interesting character, if he can even be interpreted as a cahracter. Named after his species, there were Seven different Toads in the first Super Mario Bros., but one particular Toad stands out in Super Mario Bros. 2 Ever since this game, every simple looking Toad might be him. This includes Wario’s Woods, Super Mario Kart, Super Mario 64, Mario Party, Super Mario 3D Land, etc. With Super Mario RPG on the SNES, however, more and more different looking Toads appear until the prominent female toad, Toadette, becomes playable in Super Mario Kart: Double Dash.

Toad_3D_LandWhat’s interesting is that due to the fact that the NES had a limited amount of colors it could use at one time, it could have been percieved that there were different Toads in the first three Super Mario games. The first one has a Toad with a red vest and red spots, the second game has one with a blue vest and blue spots, and finally the third has red pants, black vest, and red spots. All of these Toads are supposed to be the same Toad.

It is a shame that the Super Mario Bros series focuses on the brothers. Princess Toadstool and Toad would make an interesting pair in a platformer. Imagine having to switch between the two, such as in Donkey Kong Country.

Maybe one day Super Mario will either see

  • A: a full reboot that flushes out Toad more, or
  • toadetteB: re-make Super Mario All Stars, with new visuals to show the differences in the Toads from the old games.

When they made All Stars, itself a re-make of 1,2,3 and Lost Levels, they missed a golden opportunity to do so by just using the same updated Toad over and over again.

Oh well. Hopefully Toad will have a bright future in brand new games on The WiiU!


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