Sailor Mars


Rei Hino was a priestess at her grandfather’s Shinto shrine, as well as a Catholic school girl before meeting the Sailor Senshi. Think about that for a second. A Shinto Priestess is a Catholic School Girl. WHAT?! WHY?! Now that that fact has been stated and absorbed, on to who she is.

She’s a very serious person who can use her skills as a priestess to gain glimpses into the future, as well as use her charms to ward off foes before transforming into Sailor Mars.

While Rei isn’t a ditz, like Usagi and Minako, she still has a weakness for attractive boys. To use a Save By The Bell analogy, Usagi is Zack Morris and Rei is Slater. Yes, this does mean that in this analogy that Tuxedo Mask is Kelley Kapowski, who Usagi and Rei fight for the affections of before Usagi clearly gets Kelley Mamoru.


Like Sailor Moon and Venus, Mars has pets that can be seen as guardians. She has two crows named Phobos and Deimos. The crows sometimes transform into humans, as seen in the manga page to the right. Like Artemis, they have the names of members of the opposite sex. In Greek mythology, the characters were children of Aries, and twin brothers. Makes sense for their inclusion in the series.

Because it’s still Transformation Tuesday, here is a transformation comparison of all of the ‘different’ transformations Sailor Mars had in the original anime.


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