Sailor Mercury

Sailor_Mercury_poses_(background_2)Ami Mizuno was the second Sailor Senshi recruited by Luna in Tokyo. Very intelligent, this was shown at a fault in her very own movie, Ami’s First Love. Ami dreams of being a doctor, like her mother. To make things even more annoying, she is a computer expert, and somehow that made her an expert at all things software, including arcade fighting games, as well as the Sailor V arcade game that all of the kids seem to be playing. So Ami gets her own movie in our world and Minako gets her own game inside of the anime.

brainy ami

Like previously mentioned, Ami is the brains of the outfit, and unfortunately that means that everyone comes to her with their problems, which mostly involve study group sessions.


Sailor Mercury is just awesome because she is. She has this awesome little palm pilot that connects to her visor… why does she even have this? Was she a nerd in her past life too? Why can’t Sailor Moon summon one and use it to play video games? It’s just odd. Will they turn it into a 3DS when the new anime comes out, thus eliminating Sailor Mercury’s awesome visor/glasses thing? I hope not… it was adorkable.


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