Adult Chibiusa


It’s funny how the most annoying character, once aged, given a short skirt, and a bit of a body can be somehow not annoying. It goes back to the concept that the cuter a girl is, the more you forget how annoying she actually is concept.

So Chibiusa’s real name is Usagi, like her mother’s. Instead of calling her Junior, Usagi ni, or even her nickname of Small Lady, they just add the word for small on the front of the first half of her name. Chibiusa, being the annoying daddy’s girl, disliked her mom and wanted to be a grown up. Wiseman’s crew in Sailor Moon R realized this, and made her the promise to turn her into an adult. The end result is the amazingly attractive, but kind of whiny, Wicked Lady. Also known as Black Lady.


So Wicked Lady eventually is defeated and Chibiusa is back. She helps her mom save the day, end of story? Well no. Later on, the villain Palla Palla switched Usagi and Chibiusa’s ages.

chibimamour1This happened in the manga as well, and it explores the fact that Chibiusa has always had an attraction towards Momaru, her father. Now, most people understand that this is sort of typical of the daddy’s girl trope, but what happens when you have a slightly older Chibiusa , once again an adult, but smarter as she handles this attraction with her adult body. Well, she of course handles it like a mature adult. No, not like that, pervs.

chibimamoru2It’s surprisingly heartwarming, as a small girl realizes that she can’t always have what she wants, and some of her dreams have to be thrown away.

But yeah. Chibiusa’s going to be a major babe when she grows up, and we are just going to have to deal with that, I suppose.


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