How to get intimate with a Mermaid

So, Mermaids resemble beautiful women. Some convince men to drown in the ocean depths, similar to a Siren, but others end up transforming into humans and living happily ever after with their sailor princes. The allure of the tailed beauties is a huge problem, as biologically speaking… they make no sense. Despite often being depicted with a naval, mermaids lack the basic womanly body parts needed in order to procreate with their sailors. Outside of magic, how is it possible?

Most people do not even realize that Starbuck’s mascot is a two tailed mermaid.

The Two-Tailed Mermaid – So, this is something that I do not agree with, at all. Some mermaids have been depicted having not just one tail, but two. The most famous of which is Starbuck’s mascot. What does a mermaid you can procreate with have to do with selling coffee, I don’t know. It makes as much sense as a mermaid with two tails!

As opposed to each tail appearing similar to a flipper that a human would wear, imagine that each tail shoots out like scale covered legs, but instead of two feet with ten toes total, it separates into the traditional fish flipper .


While this solves the traditional problem, as you can imagine that whatever is between the tails is compatible with human anatomy, I just can’t stop thinking about The Creature from The Black Lagoon. That was basically a merman. Wait… he has no male anatomy. Either he’s a lesbian, or the two depicted to the right are going to be GREATLY confused in a couple of seconds.

If you can’t reproduce the natural way, then magic has to come into play. The idea of a woman forcing herself onto dry land, and being a ‘fish out of water’ has been done way too many times! I like the concept that the Aladdin TV show explores.

It makes me wonder. What if the sailors who are drowning are just starting a transformation sequence. What if there are only mermaids, and that their male equivalent is a shark or some other sea animal. That gets rid of the man’s problem of not being able to reproduce with her, and is strangely pro feminist… even if it explores bestiality. Wait… is Mermaid X Shark bestiality?


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