Bandai Tamashii Nations Sailor Moon S.H. Figuarts Action Figure

It was too hard to make her sit ‘lady like’

With a new anime series about to spring up this Winter, new merchandise was bound to spring up. Thus far, the only new memorabilia that I have collected is this Sailor Moon figure to the left. I luckily bought the first edition of this figure, as it comes with 5 interchangeable faces, as opposed to 3. Here’s a list of it’s details:

-2 types of Moon Sticks (with/without Silver Crystal), Moon Tiara effect part
-3 interchangeable faces
-3 left hand and 5 right hand parts
-Luna figure
-1st Release Bonus crying and eye wink face for a total of 5 faces

It’s interesting to note that the later versions of this figure will not have the crying  face, nor the eye wink. With the eye wink, featured in the image above, you can do some of the most famous poses Sailor Moon does in the show.


Seeing Sailor Moon sans all of her interchangeable changeable parts, truly is horrifying! The image to the right reminds me of three things: the first episode of the 2005 Doctor Who episode where he has to fight mannequins, the dead girlfriend in the refrigerator trope (cause this is the only way she can fit), and lastly the thought that Darkstalkers character Q-Bee’s eyes are at the top of her head as opposed to the decoy eyes on her face. Seriously… what the hell are those red ornament things up there?!?!

After packing this toy away, I realized two things. 1: This will hopefully be the closest I ever get to having a real doll, and 2: This toy justifies kigurumi cosplay. If only they came with alternate parts that you could take off and replace!

Huh. Maybe she should run from a real fight.

While some people will pose Usagi Tsukino as some Japanese Wonder Woman who can kick some major butt, here is how I will proudly display Sailor Moon in my home! Usagi was only awesome after she ran away first… or at the very least cried alligator tears, non-stop, until Tuxedo Mask had to swoop in and prove how much more powerful Sailor Moon was than he.


Why is this face not in the later releases?!?! It makes the toy for me a must buy! I probably would have not purchased it otherwise, as I kept telling myself that I can use all of her expressions for pictures on the blog!


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