Sailor Jupiter


Oh Makoto, you will never be Lita to me. If Luna is my favorite in the show, well Sailor Jupiter is at least my favorite Senshi. She is amazingly balanced as a person. She is the physically strongest of the inner senshi, but in no way has to sacrifice her femininity. She loves sports, but also loves cooking. Martial arts, but also arts and crafts. I can go on and on about how Makoto Kino is the perfect woman, but that might scare people into thinking that she is my waifu.

She was the 4th Sailor Senshi introduced in the manga and anime, and is one of the most independent women of the bunch. She lives alone, as in the manga it is stated that her parents died in a plane crash. Due to this, she is completely self sufficient. Sailor Jupiter is the most similar to Sailor Uranus. In fact, in the anime she feels confused about her feelings towards Haruka, until she realizes that she admires her as a role model type of character, and not a love interest.

Speaking of love interests, Makoto never got over her last crush, and is often reminded of him when she sees cute boys. Also, her best friend from her old school helped her out when she was scorned by a guy, and in the North American dub, they put this scene to the song ‘Rainy Day Man.’ It’s the best scene in the dub.

It will be interesting if the new anime has a ‘Rainy Day Man’ in it.


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