Let’s sing those Senshi Blues

ainosenshiIt’s Sunday, and there is no Sailor Moon show on TV. Nothing to watch… well, how about something to listen to? Wait, you can’t play music, let along read sheet music? Wow, you’re almost as big of a looser as I am, considering that I suck at Rock Band. Well, if sheet music is your thing, then you could always click this link: http://www.soul-hunter.com/sailormoon/music/japanesesheetmusic.php That way, you and your friends can wail out with your pigtails out! Just do it, Odango!

Okay, but like I said, I suck at even doing the lyrics on Rock Band. How can I get my Sailor Moon fix? Well, you could always make an animated music video. AMV’s used to(?) be all of the rage back in the day. Now not every single one was a Linken Ball Z video either. Some of us made cheesy classy videos to Sailor Moon with music like ‘Leaving on a Jet Plane.’ If you watched Sailor Moon stars, you’ll understand why. Anyways, here’s one to a Bon Jovi song!

Okay, right track, but not quite what you want? I mean, anyone can make one of those set to pre existing footage. Maybe a song set to something original?

But wait, those cute women weren’t enough? HUH. Well… how about the old Sailor Moon Musicals from the 1990’s?

Okay. too old? Gah. How about the opening to the live action show?

Wrong direction? But… those actresses were legal. What’s the problem? Oh. I know.

If that did nothing for you, then I only have two more suggestions. Here is some music that was cut from the anime?

I officially hate you gals and guys. You know what? You deserve… THIS

Hope this set some people towards some sort of direction for the rest of their Sunday!


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