The mermaid named Sailor Neptune!


It is always awkward to post a beautiful image, when it comes from an 18+ fan comic. This image comes from “Sailor Moondj – The Little Mermaid.” It’s a beautifully drawn manga starring Sailor Uranus and Neptune’s relationship. So yeah, this is what I get when I Google search for Sailor Moon and Mermaid.


Since we are nearing the end of Sailor Moon Month on the blog, and it is Mer-Monday here as well… I tried to search for some sort of link between the two, and fell a bit short. It’s a shame there weren’t more connections to mermaids in Sailor Moon outside of fan art. With Neptune being water based, and Mercury being… ice bubble based? They had an entire episode devoted to Ami and Micheru having a race in the pool. That’s pretty awesome, right?

photo by: by Anna Ledeneva

While mermaids and Sailor Moon have no official connection, there have been several pieces of fan art linking the two. One spectacular example is this beautiful cosplay that Usagi-Tsukino-krv did of Serenity as a mermaid. More from this set can be found on her deviant art.


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